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Green tea fights ovarian cancer

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By David Liu, PHD

A new review study online May 4 2012 in Gynecologic Oncology suggests that drinking green tea or taking green tea exact may help prevent or curb the progression of ovarian cancer.

Dominique Trudela of Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network in Toronto, Canada and colleagues reviewed 22 study reports and found that "green tea and green tea components would induce apoptosis and could potentiate the effects of cisplatin, a chemotherapeutic agent."

Studies of epithelial ovarian cancer cell cultures showed "green tea and green tea componenets downregulate the expression of proteins involved in inflammation, cell signalization, cell motility and angiogenesis."

Animal studies showed that "Green tea-fed mice develop smaller, less vascularized ovarian cancer xenograft."

Observational studies found associations between intake of green tea and decreased ovarian cancer occurrence, recurrence and better prognosis.

The researchers concluded "Available literature suggests potential molecular targets for green tea in ovarian cancer treatment and also provides data supporting the clinical evaluation of the role of green tea or green tea components in ovarian cancer prevention and treatment."

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