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Thigh Fat Offers Health Perks

We may not be giving lower body fat the credit it deserves.According to Dr. Michael Jensen, endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic, cells that settle in

Sleep Quality Determines "Type" of Weight Lost

The results of a recent study indicate that sleep quality can influence whether or not weight loss is achieved through a loss of fat or ...
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Pink News: Alcohol Raises Breast Cancer Risk

In the pink month - or National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it understandably outrages many women that alcohol companies take advantage of the pink ribbon’s ...
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Sugary Sports Drinks Mistakenly Viewed as Healthy

Children who follow a healthy lifestyle like eating fruits and vegetables and engaging in physical activity may mistakenly think sugar-loaded soft drinks are healthy beverages, ...
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"Freshman Fifteen" Avoided by Finding a Heavy Roommate

A new study presented at a meeting of the American Society of Health Economists reveals that female college students who have heavier roommates are apt ...
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Obesity Remains a "Heavy" Problem

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a noble goal in trying to reduce obesity in adult Americans to 15% (from 30%) by ...
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CDC: More Babies Being Breastfed

In 2007, the government met its Healthy People 2010 breastfeeding goal; the CDC reports that in that year, 75% of newborn babies were breastfed.Follow-up breastfeeding ...
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Short Sleep Duration Linked to Obesity, but Why?

A new study published in the September issue of the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine suggests that children who do not have sufficient ...
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Wanna Lose Weight? Try Drinking More H20

For middle aged and older adults, losing weight may be as easy as drinking more water before meals.Brenda Davy, associate professor in the Department of ...
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Obesity Rates Vary by Ethnicity

A study conducted by the University of California San Francisco has definitively shown that childhood obesity differ among various ethnic groups.  Study DetailsThe research was ...
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