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Basics about hard boiled eggs

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Hard boiled eggs are the eggs so cooked that the yolk solidifies.  Hard boiled eggs are generally safe to eat as heat is sufficient to kill pathogens like salmonella.  In contrast, soft boiled eggs may not be safe for some people to eat because of possible contamination with salmonella.  Eggs can harbor pathogens.  So it is not advisable people eat raw eggs in any case.

How to prepare hard boiled eggs?

Simply boil eggs in water.  However, make sure you do not over-cook eggs. Over-cooked eggs can be not only nutritionally inferior, but also could result in some greenish stuff around the yolk, which looks bad even though over-cooked eggs are still safe to eat.

To avoid over-cooking, place eggs in a large amount of cold water and then bring the water slowly to a boil and then remove the pan from the heat, but keep eggs in the hot water, letting the cooking continue for about 10 minutes or so.

To make it easy to peel the egg membrane from hard boiled eggs, cooked hot eggs should be cooled immediately by placing the eggs in cold water for a few minutes.

How to use hard boiled eggs?

Before eating hard boiled eggs, make sure to break the eggs, and remove the shell and membrane.  You can eat the eggs without using anything else.  You may also use a bit of soy sauce or sprinkle a bit salt or spices on the eggs to make the eggs taste even better.

Eggs are nutritious.  It contains quite some vitamins or nutrients such as vitamin D and omega-fatty acids.  But don't use too many eggs too often though.  One egg can have more than 300 mg of cholesterol.  Although it is generally believed that dietary cholesterol may not be as risky as thought, no one knows exactly how eggs would impact your health if you eat them too often.  And some studies suggest that women eating too many eggs too often may raise risk for some gynecological diseases. Cholesterol has linked to other diseases.

Hard boiled eggs are easy to prepare and easy to eat.  Unless you are allergic to eggs, or you are vegans, then eggs can be a good food for you.

David Liu

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