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EWG's kitchen tips

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Dear Reader,

Whether you're dressing the turkey or just filling up a veggie tray, chances are you're going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen this holiday season. I know my family and I will be.

This much cooking means lots of leftovers and plenty of decisions about how to eat healthiest this holiday season. We could all use some tips to help us in the kitchen and in the grocery store - that's why I put together my Holiday Kitchen Tips. These should make it a bit easier for you to shop for healthier foods and stock your holiday kitchen, so that you can truly enjoy peace of mind in this season of joy.

Click here to read my Holiday Kitchen Tips and learn how easy it is to create a healthy and environmentally friendly kitchen for the holidays.

My kitchen is always full of friends and family during the holidays. As EWG's head of research I'm constantly looking for ways to teach people how to avoid dangerous chemicals - and cooking together gives me the opportunity to show how eating better doesn't have to be hard.

Check out my Holiday Kitchen Tips - your guests will thank you and your family, too! You'll learn how (and why) to:

Getting into the holiday spirit is more fun when you know you're serving up food that's better for your friends and family - and the environment.

I hope these tips will make it easier for you to enjoy a healthier, greener holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Jane Houlihan
Senior Vice President for Research, EWG

P.S. At EWG, we want to keep providing you with the information you need to make smart, healthy choices for you and your family. We are approaching the end of the year and need to reach our 2011 fundraising goals so that we can continue to do the research you count on.

If you make a tax-deductible donation of $135 or more to help EWG meet our goal, you will receive our new 2011 Eat Green on the Go gift bag as a special thank you. This limited edition gift bag is filled with products that will help you eat better - for your health and the health of our planet - including Anna Getty's Easy Green Organic Cookbook, a 27 oz. Klean Kanteen Reflect, a To-Go Ware Snack Stack food carrier and so much more!And if you donate today, a generous donor will match your gift, doubling your impact!

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