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Heart Healthy Recipes

Green Vegetables: Vegetable Stew

VEGETABLE STEW This stew is a great way to use summer vegetables in a new way. 3 cups water 1 cube vegetable bouillon, low sodium 2 cups white potatoes,

Green Vegetables: Smothered Greens

SMOTHERED GREENS Use a small amount of skinless smoked turkey breast instead of fatback to lower the fat content but keep the taste. 3 cups   water 1/4 ...
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Green Vegetables: Italian Vegetable Bake

ITALIAN VEGETABLE BAKE This colorful low-sodium cholesterol-free vegetable baked dish is prepared without any added fat. 1   can (28 oz) whole tomatoes 1 medium   onion, ...
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Green Vegetables: Green Beans Saute

Green beans and onions are lightly sautéed in only 1 tablespoon of oil. 1 lb fresh or frozen green beans, cut in 1-inch pieces 1 Tbsp ...
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Green Vegetables: Fresh Cabbage and Tomato Salad

Your children will love vegetables made this way. 1 small head cabbage, sliced thinly 2 medium tomatoes, cut in cubes 1 cup sliced radishes 1/4 teaspoonsalt 2 ...
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Vegetarian: Summer Vegetable Spaghetti

SUMMER VEGETABLE SPAGHETTI This lively vegetarian pasta dish contains no added fat or oil, is low in cholesterol, and is good hot or cold. 2 C ...
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Fish: Baked Trout Ole

Baked Trout Ole Bake fish with only a small amount of oil. 2 pounds trout fillet, cut into 6 pieces (any kind of fish can be ...
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