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Makes Viruses Grow Like Wildfire and Can Amplify Your Flu Symptoms

By Dr. Mercola Despite powerful evidence to the contrary, the conventional view is that the best way to protect yourself against influenza is to get a

Diabetes type 2, induced abortion linked to breast cancer

Tue. Sept 3, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- A report in Health Care for Women International suggests that having type 2 diabetes mellitus can increase risk of ...
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HIV infection promotes early kidney injury in women

Sat Aug 24, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- HIV infection can increase risk of early kidney injury in women, according to a recent study published in the ...
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Migraines—What Causes Them, and How You Can Best Address Them

By Dr. Mercola I am thankful I have never had a migraine or, but migraine headaches are one of the most common health conditions in the ...
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Mood is Influenced by Immune Cells Called to the Brain in Response to Stress (PR)

Aug. 21, 2013 Mood is Influenced by Immune Cells Called to the Brain in Response to Stress In Animal Study, Immune System Cells in Brain Lead to ...
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The Definition of “Cancer” May Be Narrowed to Prevent Overtreatment of Harmless Tumors

By Dr. Mercola Nearly two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year, and one in three will face a cancer diagnosis at some time in ...
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Documentary: Rise of the Superbugs

By Dr. Mercola Antibiotic overuse is a major threat to public health, and after watching the documentary Rise of the Superbugs, you’ll understand exactly why. Diseases that were ...
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High Blood Sugar Levels Linked to Dementia

High blood glucose levels may increase the risk of developing dementia, according to a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers from the ...
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Drug to Treat Alzheimer's Proves Dangerous

What scientists had hoped to be a promising new drug in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease proved dangerous in its final phase of testing. The ...
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Cancer Stats for Asian American Population

Media Contacts: Stephen Texeira, 415.309.7323 | stephen.texeira@cpic.org First Major Study to Examine Cancer Incidence Among Asian Americans Study Examines Data from 54% of Asian American Population FREMONT, CA (July ...
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