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Antihypertensive drug linked to celiac disease symptoms

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By David Liu

A new study suggests that taking an antihypertensive drug Benicar cancause a condition with symptoms similar to those of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Olmesaran or Benicar is a commonly prescrive angiotensin receptor blocker indicated to treat high blood pressure or otherwise known as hypertension.

Celiac disease in adults can be triggered after surgerym viral infection, severe emotional stress, pregnancy or childbirth.  The common symptoms include abdominal cramping, intestinal gas, distention and bloating of the tomach, chronic diarhea or constipation or both, steatorrhea or fatty stools, anemia, and weight loss.

The study of 22 patients presented to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn was conducted by Jeseph A Murray MD and colleagues and published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, according to medpagetoday.com.

The stuy report says that when patients stopped taking the high blood pressure drug, the condition improved, suggesting that there is a causal relationship between the drug and the disease.  Antibody blood tests suggested that the patients did not suffer celiac disease.  They merely suffered a condition similar to the disease.

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