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FDA urges cut-back on salt

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The Food and Drug Administration is reportedly urging the food manufacturers to cut back on salt used in processed food.

The FDA does not mean to regulate use of salt in processed foods, which is a major contributor to high intake of salt by Americans. It believes the food processors can self-regulate the use of salt well.

Americans eat too mcuh salt.  Most Americans eat more than 3 grams of sodium per day, which is more than what the dietary guidelines recommends.

Sodium intake is "simply too high to be safe," Dr. Jane E. Henney, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and chairwoman of the institute committee that produced the report was quoted by Los Angeles Times as saying.

"Clearly, salt is essential.… We need it. But the level we're taking in right now is far beyond the maximal levels we need."

High intake of salt has been associated with high blood pressure among other health conditions.  But the salt industry says there is no evidence suggesting that salt has anything to do with heart disease.

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