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Importance of HIV Testing: CDC Vital Signs Report

Importance of HIV Testing: CDC Vital Signs Report More than one million Americans are living with HIV and approximately one in five don't know it. Everyone

Are airport scanners safe for travelers?

The U.S. government has tightened airline security prior to the holiday reason by adding more full body scanners and adopting an enhanced pat-down search at ...
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CDC: Advice about Cholera for Travelers Arriving in the United States from Haiti

This information is current as of today, November 13, 2010 at 11:54 EST Updated: November 12, 2010 There is an outbreak in Haiti of a disease called cholera. ...
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FDA wants more tobacco warnings

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said on Nov 10 the government is going to add more textual and graphic warnings about smoking ...
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Travelers' Health - Outbreak Notice, Cholera in Haiti

Cholera in HaitiThis information is current as of today, October 26, 2010 at 12:45 EDT Updated: October 23, 2010 The disease is most often spread through the ingestion ...
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U.S. Apologizes for Unethical Studies on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The United States apologized on Friday for unethical medical experiments that a federal doctor conducted 64 years ago among prisoners, soldiers and mental patients in ...
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Consumers to Weigh-in on Drug Information

With a recent, federal study showing nearly half of all Americans use at least one prescription drug in a month's time, it's more important than ever for ...
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Experts Straddle the Fence Regarding Meridia

Expert advisors to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continue to straddle the fence as to whether or not the diet drug Meridia should be ...
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E-Cigarettes: Questions and Answers

Editor's note: The Food and Drug Administration has sent a warning letter to five e-cigarette makers, namely E-CigaretteDirect LLC, Ruyan America Inc., Gamucci America (Smokey ...
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CDC Reports Provide Vital Info About Smoking

New reports show more efforts are needed to reduce smoking and secondhand smoke exposure in the United States, especially with people who smoke more and ...
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