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The Real Reason the Cancer Industry Never Talks About Prevention

Posted By Dr. Mercola | June 17 2011  In the video above Robyn O'Brien shares her personal story and how it inspired her to become a Real Food evangelist.

The Patient Pod: The new weapon for caregivers battling hospital acquired infections

By Aimee Keenan-Greene and  editing by Sarah Heilman Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) kill 99,000 people a year. That's more than breast cancer, car accidents, and AIDS combined ...
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Treating vascular risk factors may cut Alzheimer's disease risk

A new study in the April 13, 2011 online issue of Neurology suggests that treating vascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and ...
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Do universal hearing screening programs need to be redesigned?

by Aimee Keenan-Greene Are babies passing their hearing tests erroneously - only delaying a diagnosis that leaves them needing cochlear implants later?   Scientists in Illinois set out ...
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Weekend trips to the ER have better survival rates

by Aimee Keenan-Greene Does when you get to the ER make a difference in whether or not you survive a life threatening trauma?     A new retrospective ...
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Letter from Organizing for America - Republicans repeals Health reform law

Friend --At 5:53 p.m. Eastern Time today, the House moved to repeal health insurance reform.Every single Republican -- all 242 -- voted for repeal.This is ...
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Managing medications and blood pressure to avoid shock in the elderly

The combination of antibiotics with blood pressure drugs could cause life-threatening complications. A rapid drop in blood pressure, known as hypotension, can lead to shock could ...
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VFC Program: Vaccines for Uninsured Children

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program offers vaccines at no cost for eligible children through VFC-enrolled doctors. Find out if your child qualifies. Vaccinating on ...
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Healthcare Reform Law vs. Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole

The Affordable Care Act or the healthcare reform law in 2011 gives a 50% discount on brand name drugs to seniors who are enrolled in ...
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All healthcare reform provisions taking effect in 2011

Prescription Drug Discounts Effective January 1, 2011 Under the healthcare reform law, seniors who reach the prescription drug coverage gapor so called donut hole will receive a ...
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