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New Analysis and Interactive Tool Illustrate Variations In How Coverage Expansions Will Affect Local Communities

Wednesday, February 15, 2012New Analysis and Interactive Tool Illustrate Variations In How Coverage Expansions Will Affect Local CommunitiesA new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation

President Obama Releases FY13 Budget Proposal With Overall Decrease For GHI

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 "President Barack Obama [on Monday] proposed a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2013 that aims to slash the deficit by $4 trillion over 10 ...
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Forbes Examines How Mobile Phones Are Improving Access To Care In Developing World

Monday, February 13, 2012 Mobile phones are improving access to health care in the developing world, according to the series "The Future of mHealth" by Mobiledia, ...
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Brief Examines Issues to Consider in Expanding Medicaid Managed Care for People With Disabilities (PR)

Monday, February 13, 2012Brief Examines Issues To Consider In Expanding Medicaid Managed Care for People With Disabilities (http://www.kff.org/medicaid/8278.cfm)As many states expand their use of managed ...
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How Doctors Do Harm

Posted By Dr. Mercola | February 13 2012 Visit the Mercola Video Library Story at-a-glance Americans spend more on health care than citizens of any other country, up to 1.5 times ...
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Experts Question Medicare's Effort To Rate Hospitals' Patient Safety Records

By Jordan Rau KHN Staff Writer FEB 13, 2012   This story was produced in collaboration with  and  Medicare's first public effort to identify hospitals with patient safety problems has pinpointed ...
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FAQ: The Obama Administration's Compromise On Contraception Benefits

By Mary Agnes Carey KHN Staff Writer FEB 11, 2012 The Obama administration, stung by fierce opposition from Catholic leaders to a new rule requiring that insurance plans offer ...
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How to Tell if Your Doctor is on the Drug Industries' Payroll

Posted By Dr. Mercola | January 14 2012  Story at-a-glance An ongoing investigation by ProPublica revealed 12 drug companies paid more than $761 million to physicians for consulting, speaking, research ...
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Does health insurance reduce illness-related worker absenteeism?

  By David Liu, Ph.D. Giving older employees health insurance may not help increase their productivity, at least does not reduce illness-related absenteeism, according to a study ...
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Toxic Enough to Require Haz-Mat Transport... Yet Safe for You and Your Children?

Editor's note: This is a good article. However, readers should think beyond the article. Why did the WHO take action only after alternative material become available? Could this organization at least recommend a warning to alert dental patients to the mercury-based dental filing called amalgam before alternatives become available. WHO is in no way to protect consumers only. It seems it is obligated to protect business as well. That is, it took action today not because amalgam is too toxic, but because mostly alternative materials become available. I remember what I suffered after I received amalgam filing for one of my wisdom teeth. I suffered chronic fatigue for years and eventually half of the amalgam dissolved and half fell out. It took years for me to fully recover from this suffering. Also one statement in this article may not be accurate. Dr. Mercola says in this article "As a result of enormous public pressure from dentists, health professionals and consumers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also promised to make an announcement by year's end about dental amalgam." Is it really that dentists do not want to use amalgam? I know many dentists do not care about the toxicity. Use it without warning their dental patients about the toxicity of mercury. Should my dentist tell me about the composition of the filling material she used to fix my tooth, I would reject the treatment because my personal philosophy does not permit use of such toxic material....
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