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Get EWG's Quick Tips for Safer Cosmetics

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Dear Readers,

If the government was doing its job, and if all corporations were reliable, EWG’s Skin Deep database would be obsolete.

But that’s not the world we live in.

For the past 10 years, Skin Deep has harnessed the power of EWG’s research to ensure you have the information to sift through all the products on the shelves to make better choices.

Skin Deep couldn’t be more critical, but the scientific research that forms the backbone of Skin Deep is expensive – we rely on individuals like you to invest in our research efforts.

We must raise $100,000 by July 31 so we can continue funding Skin Deep and other critical EWG research. To thank you, we’ll send you EWG’s Quick Tips for Safer Cosmetics wallet guide FREE to help you shop smarter and interpret personal care product labels on the go.

Click here now to give $10 or more to support Skin Deep and other game-changing EWG research. We’ll send you EWG’s Quick Tips for Safer Cosmetics wallet guide as a thank-you.

Donate today and get EWG's <i>Quick Tips for Safer Cosmetics</i> wallet guide FREE!


Skin Deep is a game-changer. I’ve heard from industry leaders who now use it as an invaluable tool to formulate the personal care products they produce.

In fact, Skin Deep has helped grow a new arm of the personal care product industry that is trying to eliminate harmful ingredients from its products altogether.

That’s the power of information, and that’s what Skin Deep provides.

But despite our efforts, products with toxic chemicals are still being made and stocked on store shelves, so we have more work to do. EWG can only keep powering Skin Deep with your help.

Please, take a moment to donate to EWG today – we need to raise $100,000 by July 31 to fully fund Skin Deep and EWG’s other game-changing research you’ve come to count on.

Donate $10 or more now to help EWG maintain Skin Deep and expand our research – in return, we’ll send you EWG’s Quick Tips for Safer Cosmeticswallet guide FREE!

Thanks for making EWG’s work possible.

Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group


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