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Extraordinary Healing Miracle for Diabetes Using Nithya Kriya

July 14th, 2012:”I have never seen something reduce my sugar level so rapidly. This is extraordinary!” says Ricardo Boreiki. Life Bliss Foundation reported that a

The novel way to control body weight revealed

Feeding the clock Cycles of feeding and fasting drive circadian gene expression in the liver  IMAGE: This is Christopher Vollmers in the lab at the Salk Institute. Click here ...
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Cannabis provides medical benefits

By Marie Cendejas There’s a increasing interest in the non-psychoactive medicinal benefits of cannabis, despite legislative resistance to appraise the long list of claims of the ...
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She's Alive at 104 Thanks to These 2 Longevity Tricks

Story at-a-glance Rosario Schielzeth, who turned 104 in June, credits her long life to a good diet and avoiding doctors Avoiding drugs and the conventional medical system ...
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Even mild physical activity may reduce breast cancer risk

By David Liu, PHD Sunday July 1, 2012 (foodconsumer.org) -- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers conducted reported in the journal Cancer that physical ...
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This Everyday Outdoor Mistake Can Make You a Magnet for Melanoma

Editor's note: One ingredient in sunscreens is nanoparticles. Research shows that nanoparticles can disrupt DNA. If you use sunscreens often, and you still get skin cancer like melanoma, you should understand that it may be the nanoparticles that cause the disease....
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Ignore This Essential Habit and Your Health Will Eventually Decline

Story at-a-glance Seven tips to improve your sleep are listed Previous research has also demonstrated that sleep has a profound impact on the human stress-immune relationship. People ...
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8 Reasons to Do This Misunderstood Exercise

Editor's note: Be active, but no evidence says muscle indicates that you are healthy....
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Sunscreens may not be as good as claimed

Editor's note: Be aware of the nanoparticles in sunscreens! Nanoparticles can disrupt DNA and cause mutation which can eventually lead to cancer development....
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The Limits of Ebay Buyer Protection: Is Ebay buyers' protection real? A Personal Story

Editor's note: This happened to an editor of foodconsumer.org.  Ebay may contact us for the contact information for the writer if it has any arguement. ...
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