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Medical marijuana: Do state laws matter?

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California has seen more medical marijuana clinics now than ever, prompting a debate over the legitimacy and worthiness of using the drug banned by the federal government, according to media reports.

In the state of California, residents are by law allowed to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use, as recommended by their physicians. The specific legislation rendering medicinal use legal is known as California’s Compassionate Use Act, which was passed in 1996.   

Medical marijuana is reportedly much more effective than conventional pain management medications or painkillers in patients with terminal diseases like AIDS, chronic pain and cancer.   

Some patients who have used medical marijuana in the past, such as recording artist Melissa Etheridge and actor Patrick Swayze, have said that conventional painkillers did not work to release the pain they were suffering.  However, medical use of marijuana is a violation of federal law and the feds wouldn’t sit still and allow people to use the "illicit drug".

In 2007, a federal appeals court ruled against a California woman who claimed that she has a constitutional right to pursue the medical use of marijuana; she wants a court order to prevent her from being prosecuted by the federal government for it. 

Angel Raich, 41, an Oakland resident, suffered at the time from a brain tumor known as scoliosis, which causes chronic nausea and other serious conditions.  She had smoked marijuana since 1997, as her doctor said this federally illegal drug is the only viable preventive to keep her from dying from the disease.

But the court said that the federal government does not recognize the constitutional right and no patients should smoke marijuana for any medical reason; the federal government has the overriding authority to prosecute whoever uses marijuana, no matter for what purpose. 

A dozen states allow their residents to use marijuana for treating diseases, as evidence has become prevalent that the drug is superior, to say the least, to other painkillers typically used for pain management.  In fact, some active ingredients from the plant have already been synthesized and used as active components in conventional painkillers. 

Dr. Donald Abrams, chief of oncology at San Francisco General Hospital, who conducted research on medical marijuana funded by the state and federal government, was quoted as saying, "I see cancer patients every day who suffer from loss of appetite, weight loss, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and nausea. With cannabis, I can recommend one medicine instead of writing prescriptions for six or seven." 

The California Medical Board has reportedly received 81 complaints against physicians who've recommended marijuana to patients since 1996.  Some complaints were sent by undercover police officers, UPI reported. 



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woodbutcher on 11/09/2009 03:22:17
The fact that under cover cops are trying to undermine this law is proof that they are desperate to stop this medicine from becoming mainstream . Why would a cop want to deny a dying person relief from agonizing pain? I dont know maybe job security . since they have admitted repeatedly that 1/2 of all cartell profits come from cannabis sales . if this is legalised they will have to actually arrest criminals who may fight back rather than going after the weak and cripled targets they now pursue. sounds like we either need some braver police or less narcotics officers my guess is both
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 05:14:01
"Medical marijuana is reportedly more effective than conventional pain management medications or painkillers in patients with terminal diseases like AIDS and cancer"

Reportedly by who, the people selling pot for $6,000.00 a pound?
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Fred Evil on 11/09/2009 05:23:28
Of course state laws matter, they're the first to have the failed Prohibitionist mindset stripped from them.

They didn't matter when a President who wanted to run a Nanny State sat in office, Bush, and even Clinton overrode early efforts at using cannabis at the state level, even for medical purposes. Amazingly, cannabis is a Schedule I drug, meaning it has NO accepted medical uses. Oddly, more than 1/4 of US states have legalized it for MEDICAL USE. Does anyone else get the feeling that US Law is a bit at odds with reality?

To this day, the DEA insists that 'smoked marijuana' has no accepted medical uses. This is actually true. The carcinogens produced by ingesting the smoke from burned cannabis is considered of sufficient concern, that it is not recommended. However, cannabis can still be vaporized, or turned into edibles. For whatever reason, the DEA and ONDCP pretend that those options don't even exist!

Obama is the first to halt the obscene practice of interfering with medicine being provided by true caregivers, and for that he should be praised.

It's time to recognize the failure and the futility of the 'War on Drugs.' Additionally, it's also time to recognize that cannabis is objectively SAFER than alcohol or nicotine.

Alcohol KILLS 75,000 Americans/year, and addicts 15%.
Cigarettes KILL 450,000 Americans/year, and addict 30%.
Cannabis kills ZERO Americans/year, and can cause dependence in 10%.

No, drug use isn't good for you, but prohibition is worse for US. Instead of regulating and monitoring the multi-billion dollar a year industry, that is in every city, and every state, we abandon it to Cartels?! (like the Mafia during Alcohol's failed Prohibition)

Cartels that don't have to provide any proof of quality, don't accept returns of poisoned products (nor assist dead/injured customers), and the Cartels certainly won't card your kids before selling them dope!

I've had enough of nearly a million arrests a year for a substance that is arguably safer than alcohol or tobacco. I don't want to pay for three hots and a cot for someone who just wants to get high, or worse, to relieve nausea from their chemo. That's just wrong.

All we want is PARITY for a SAFER substance. No working while high, no driving while high, no sales to those under 18, or 21, whichever your locality prefers. But the bottom line is our incessant but misguided attempts to control our fellow citizens behaviors, has been a four decade disaster.
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dan on 11/09/2009 05:26:00
people who sell it for that much are criminal drug dealers who probably sell other, more intense drugs.

doctors are the ones reporting those effects
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hardscrabble on 11/09/2009 05:31:32
The grammar in this article is atrocious. Your sentence structure would make a 5th grader blush. Back to school for you, and stop smoking so much dope.
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 07:19:36
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Court: Marijuana Dispensary Can Reclaim Money Seized by Police

By SHERRI M. OKAMOTO, Staff Writer

"The federal government cannot retain monies seized from a local medical marijuana dispensary during an illegal 2005 search by the Los Angeles Police Department as proceeds traceable to federal narcotics violations, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said yesterday."

"During the search, officers seized $186,416 in U.S. currency from the clinic’s safe and from a cash register, along with about 209 pounds of marijuana, 21 pounds of hashish, and 12 pounds of marijuana oil."

So the pro-medical marijuana movement is claiming that one single "clinic" needs on average 200+ pounds, 20+ pounds of high concentrated hash, 12 pounds of even stronger hash oil to service customers each month?

Assuming a "dose" to be a 1/4 gram and assuming a gram per hour for 30 days. That "clinic" had no less than 800 seriously ill patients smoking pot every hour for eighteen hours a day?

Or if you assume they smoke only one gram per day- since it costs $20-$30.00 a gram at the clinic your really telling me that 3,600 seriously ill, as in with cancer, life-long disease, crippling injuries or HIV, are patients to that one clinic?

You think the police really believe that at $400 an ounce or $6,400.00 a pound the 242 pounds of dope equaling one million, five hundred thousand, eight hundred dollars (1,500,800.00) in retail marijuana stock was due to be consumed all by legitimate patients?

Anyone think pharmacies carry 1-2 million dollars in prescriptions in inventory?

L.A. has a reported 186-1,000 "clinics" supporting a billion dollars in retail marijuana stock for "patients" in L.A. alone. One billion dollars worth of California-grown marijuana.

Are you claiming L.A. has 3.6 million sick people who need daily marijuana relief?

L.A. Population 200 Census:


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division

One third of Los Angeles is seriously ill or debilitated. I think the debate is on the wrong issue since a tragedy has been overlooked here. Maybe we should all be smoking the memory-enhancing Blue OatBerry Buds which also work for "lower back pain bro" and start debating the serious medical crisis in L.A. of the ill and injured.

Produce the proof that the "medical marijuana" is ALL going to legitimate patients and not to feed recreational drug use. Not a single clinic in the Nation has opened its books and done it.

Either that or expect Mexican marijuana cartels to start opening "clinics" to unload their "medical marijuana".
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 10:06:08
There is your link for the new "medical crack cocaine" smoking clinics the Canadians want to open. That is exactly what is going to happen here in the U.S. The harping for "compassionate use" of drugs will go straight to cocaine and then methamphetamine and everyone knows it. who really benefits from all of this if not Foreign drug cartels?

What you people really want is the right to use illegal drugs and the owners of the so-called "clinics" just want to sell high-priced drugs to recreational pot smokers.

Every single person involved in the clinics is a criminal and that is why they are fighting disclosure so hard, not because they want to "protect" their users.

Canadian health official touts room for crack cocaine users

(AFP) – Oct 20, 2009

VANCOUVER , Canada — The only city in North America where addicts can shoot heroin into their veins at a government-sanctioned injection site is now considering allowing crack cocaine smoking too.
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 10:09:48
Too much pot to be 'medical'?

More than 200 pounds of marijuana was seized in a raid on a growing operation in Southern Oregon that produced far more marijuana than allowed for the medical patients it supplied.

More than 200 pounds of marijuana was seized in a raid on a growing operation in Southern Oregon that produced far more marijuana than allowed for the medical patients it supplied.

The raid by the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement Team announced Thursday followed an Oct. 29 traffic stop of a Nevada couple on Interstate 5 near Ashland.

Oregon State Police say about a pound of marijuana found in the couple's car was traced back to an address in Wilderville, near the California border.

The Nevada couple did not hold medical-marijuana cards and told police they bought the marijuana with cash and in exchange for labor to prune plants.

Grants Pass police Detective Ray Myers said the 200 pounds seized in the raid was about 180 pounds more than allowed by law for the 13 medical-marijuana patients who got their supply from the grow operation.

Times staff and news services
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 10:15:59
Habitual Marijuana Smoker Murders Eight in DWI Accident- including 1-year girl.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The driver responsible for a head-on collision that killed eight people -- including herself and four children -- on the Taconic State Parkway north of New York City last week was drunk and impaired by marijuana, authorities said.
One of the vehicles in the three-vehicle wreck was heading the wrong direction, police said.

One of the vehicles in the three-vehicle wreck was heading the wrong direction, police said.

Diane Schuler, 36, had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.19 percent and high levels of marijuana in her system, Maj. William Carey of the New York State Police said at a news conference Tuesday.

Schuler also had "6 grams of alcohol in her stomach that had yet to be metabolized," Carey said.

Schuler's blood alcohol level indicated that she had consumed approximately 10 alcoholic beverages, said Betsy Spratt, chief toxicologist with the Westchester County district attorney's office.

"She would have had difficulty with perception, with her judgment [and] with her memory," Spratt said of Schuler. "Around that level of alcohol, you also start to get what's called tunnel vision, where your perception is changed and you can't see peripherally all the time."

Investigators recovered a broken bottle of vodka in Schuler's minivan, said Carey, who added police didn't know whether she was drinking while driving. Spratt said she can't determine what kind of alcohol Schuler drank.

The head-on crash happened July 26 when a minivan driven by Schuler and carrying five children was heading the wrong way on a northbound lane of the Taconic State Parkway about 30 miles north of New York City, police said. The minivan crashed into an SUV carrying three adults.
Don't Miss

* Police: 8 killed in highway crash outside New York

Schuler and four of the children in the minivan died, as did the three people in the SUV. One child in the minivan survived and was hospitalized.

One of the killed children was Schuler's daughter, and the other three were her nieces, CNN affiliate WABC reported. The child who survived is Schuler's son, according to WABC.

A third vehicle carrying two adults was also involved in the crash, state police said. They suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses told authorities they believed they saw the minivan straddling lanes and tailgating before the crash, according to WABC.

The district attorney's office and the police "will continue to investigate the facts and circumstances that led up to the collision causing the deaths, so that the public and the families of the victims can understand what led to this horrific crash," said Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore in a written statement.

Carey echoed that sentiment, saying a criminal investigation continues but that no criminal charges will be filed at this point.
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Tim on 11/09/2009 12:31:55
Johnny Law:

Safe injection sites are a good thing. If you can't stop a heroin addict from using the next best thing is to isolate them from the community. If you had safe injection sites in your town, there would be less junkies and needles lying around where kids can find them. They've also got medical assistance available in case something goes wrong.

Heroin is not marijuana.

You're a douche for comparing the two. Go get informed. *****.
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 12:47:45
Morphine clinically proven to be a safe chronic-illness pain reliever, and it is already legal:



Here run with it Tim you got all the evidence you now need to start the "Medical Heroin Clinic" movement. America needs it's drug addicts to lock-in staggering high prices and keep illegal growers/manufacturers in California raking in the compassionate profits.

Oh looky, crack dealers make a forty-to-one return over selling as powder, maybe there needs to be a legal crack movement to fill the State of California's budget gaps?

It all makes perfect sense right? Alcohol and tobacco are legal why can't everyone just smoke drugs all day too? Your going to win considerable support in the U.S. Senate with that one. Heck, 11,000 D.E.A. employees don't need a job either- you guys need to do drugs darn it, those families can go on unemployment!
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Ted Debiase on 11/09/2009 13:44:55
Medical marijuana creates workplace dilemma

November 3, 2009

"Another 2,092 people have been approved as caregivers"

So the State is already looking at 2,092 pot stores, sorry clinics where they deal marijuana, oops administer pot to patients.

According to Manta business search there are 1,717 liquor stores and already you have more marijuana stores and they haven't opened yet. So there will be something like 10 or 20,000 of these grow operation/clinics. One for every street corner in one of the highest-unemployment States, no pun intended. Helping to make poor people, poorer.

Good Job Folks
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TYC on 11/09/2009 14:16:50
@ Johnny Law

Want to keep cannabis illegal? Keep it illegal then. I can still get anything, let me repeat, ANYTHING I want within a few hours. So bury your head back in the sand and pretend that it all went away while everyone else sees you *** in the air.
BTW, does China know you're spending their borrowed money on your stupid prohibition that only you think is working? Geez, son, you're not stopping anything. Dream on!
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workingman1 on 11/09/2009 16:17:00
Hey Johnny Law medical marijuana isn't a trick and it's pathetic to pretend that the people trying to legalize marijuana are behaving surreptitiously when smart people have been screaming "legalize marijuana" at the top of their lungs for a damn long time now. The fact is that the medical marijuana debate serves to illustrate so much about the absurdity of marijuana prohibition as a whole. Critics of medical marijuana advocacy often complain that it hasn’t been approved by the FDA and that the whole concept of medicine by referendum is absurd, as though there exists any other path for advocates to take. It really shouldn’t be necessary to explain all the ways in which endemic and entrenched anti-pot prejudice across numerous government agencies renders preposterous any notion that people could just play this out by the usual rules. Marijuana can't be treated like other medicines, because it's nothing like them. It was here first and it's vastly cheaper, safer, and more versatile than its modern pharmaceutical counterparts. It's a bush that just grows out of the ground and what we want is for the government to stop arresting people who've found ways to use it. There's nothing even the least bit complicated or disingenuous about that. Those who now lament the cascading political momentum of medical marijuana as some sort of grand conspiracy have it exactly backwards. Marijuana was prohibited through a vicious series of outrageous lies and perversions of science. We all know the history of racism, demagoguery, and blind hysteria that somehow turned a helpful plant into a scary satanic death bush. From the very beginning, there has never been a time when any of this made sense while tobacco and alcohol use goes on its merry way. Yes, there is a massive lie at the center of this debate, but advocates for medical marijuana are NOT the ones telling it. The crux of it all is the billions of taxpayer dollars WASTED to fund narco enforcement, lawyers, judges and jails. The drug war itself is the true Trojan Horse that masquerades as a symbol of health and safety, while harboring destruction within its folds.
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LLLou on 11/09/2009 16:20:38
Johnny Law, you probably are.Face it Johnny you are a prohibitionist, and your sarcasm is childish .
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Donesk on 11/09/2009 20:44:56
I'm sure Johnny Law will soon post about how we should close our liquor stores and bars.

Anything less would be hypocrisy.
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 22:25:42
Back to my original point. What you people want is free access and full legalization of Schedule 1 drug- marijuana. None of you care one bit about sick or dying people, you care about getting high. Even to the point that

"I can still get anything, let me repeat, ANYTHING I want within a few hours."

So if that is true Nationwide then why do sick people need regulated "clinics"?

They don't. The entire movement and issue is founded on a lie- that patients need safe access so they don't have to buy it on the streets. What bullsh!t. Every police agency in the country knows marijuana is the most accessible and widely used illegal drug. In NYC dealers cannot even entice people to buy it unless they deliver to your home.

Here we go again it gets even worse with you people,

"The crux of it all is the billions of taxpayer dollars WASTED to fund narco enforcement, lawyers, judges and jails"

What he is really saying is that ALL illegal drugs should be sold over-counter at drug stores so everyone can just get high and stay screwed-up all the time. Exactly what America in a time of recession DOES NOT need. Worker productivity going to zero. Do you think American industries like finance will survive hedge-fund traders high on methamphetamine and smoking pot in front of their terminals all day while investing your retirement? How many foreign countries will buy bonds from a nation of drug addicts? How many workplace accidents will be occurring daily because auto-workers are stoned and drunk on the job? Do minorities really need readily available crack cocaine. marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy along with liquor running rampant throughout their already poor neigborhoods?

You people are not only selfish, you disgusting and preying upon the permanently disabled, diseased and dying. You have no morals and care not one bit about those people, you care about being addicted to drugs.

Again see how much these poster despise America, rules, safety agencies and the law:

"Critics of medical marijuana advocacy often complain that it hasn’t been approved by the FDA and that the whole concept of medicine by referendum is absurd, as though there exists any other path for advocates to take. It really shouldn’t be necessary to explain all the ways in which endemic and entrenched anti-pot prejudice across numerous government agencies renders preposterous any notion that people could just play this out by the usual rules"

In his own words people. If anyone is to sell marijuana and be approved at the federal level it will be the federal marijuana program overseen by the FDA and DEA in North Carolina at Duke University. By medical professionals, not "POTologists" from Oregon and California rip-off marijuana schools teaching garbage like "Blue-Berry" buds are for chronic back pain, glaucoma and migraines bro'" freaking insane. What is crack cocaine good for?
Come on junkies you know you want to chime in tell America why crack should be allowed as long as a "trained caregiver" AKA: illegal drug dealer looking to score massive profits without police attention- sells it to you.

As a matter of fact this road does lead to something- ruin. Your forefathers knew it, your politicians know it and you are destroying this country. You are not Americans.

FYI: from New Mexico, there are total 800 patients in the entire State that really qualify based on real doctors, yet as I stated earlier in L.A. you have a single clinic trying to claim they should have the right to supply more than 3,000 by themselves and that based on the number of total "known" clinics would interfere that close to have the population of L.A. is seriously ill with lifetime sickness or injuries. That is an complete falsehood. What these posters really want is to destroy this country because they need to use illegal drugs for fun at your expense.

Today,s article from N.M.

N.M. approves four new medical marijuana producers

Four new producers are expected to supply 100 patients each
By Marjorie Childress 11/9/09

After months during which New Mexico’s single non-profit producer of medical marijuana was unable to keep a consistent supply of medical cannabis, Department of Health Secretary Alfredo Vigil announced Monday that the state is licensing an additional four producers, enough, the department hopes, to supply the state’s nearly 800 active medical cannabis patients.

“We are the first state to develop this kind of distribution system for medical cannabis and we will continue to proceed carefully with the development of the program so we can meet the needs of our patients while not creating an excess supply,” Dr. Vigil said in the statement. “Our main goals are to ensure our patients have access to the medicine they need while building a sustainable program for New Mexico . The medical cannabis program is for people who cannot get relief from their suffering from any other means. We are very proud of the program’s success so far.”

These newly approved non-profits have been highly anticipated by patients and advocates. As NMI first reported in August, almost as soon as the Santa Fe Institute of Natural Medicine made its first medical marijuana crop available to patients, the supply ran out. It eventually had to resort to rationing its supply.

In a November 5 note on the producer’s Web site, SFINM said it understood that patients are “suffering from ‘OUT OF STOCK’ syndrome.”

“We realize this makes you irritable and frustrated and in most cases ready to scream because you are once again forced onto the street for your medicine,” the note states. “To better manage the demand, we have implemented a policy limiting orders to 1 oz for Albuquerque and Santa Fe residents and 2 oz’s for our rural patients who travel longer distances. … We do so because we want as many people as possible to have an opportunity to get their medicine.”

The state approved four more producers based on an estimate of one producer for every 100 patients. There are currently 755 patients, 204 of whom are licensed to produce their own medical marijuana, according to the Department of Health.

On November 2, the New Mexico Drug Policy Alliance began circulating via e-mail a letter to Secretary Vigil. The letter urged him to license at least six new non-profits, based on the same 100 patient per non-profit number.

While the approval of new producers will be welcome news for medical marijuana patients, problems remain with the state’s program. Concerns about border security checkpoints make it unlikely that non-profits will deliver the drug to patients if it requires them to travel through the checkpoints, located in the southern part of the state. The department would not say where the new non-profits are located, citing to security concerns.

The cost of delivery has also posed a challenge for the state’s original producer. On its Web site, SFINM states it will only travel outside of the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area if it has a quota of 50 patients to deliver to. Given the rural nature of New Mexico, this means that many patients could be unable to receive deliveries. In its letter to Vigil, the Drug Policy Alliance asked that individual primary caregivers be licensed to produce for patients. Allowing caregivers to grow the drug for patients would help provide access for patients in rural areas of the state, the Alliance said.

There are 15 medical conditions that allow a person to qualify for the program, including cancer, severe chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and post traumatic stress disorder.

For more information about New Mexico’s medical marijuana program, see these stories, also by Marjorie Childress:
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 22:44:44
Here you go, it's ONLY about protecting the California growers syndicate AKA: The American Mafia. Look it up and you are going to see what The Justice Department already sees- marijuana prohibition creating artificially high prices and sucking whatever money they can from sick and dying people.

I repeat that, they are going to control supply to create artificial demand to steal money from sick and dying persons. Your "clinics" and "caregivers" are no better than the MAFIA during alcohol prohibition and they know it.

Evil plain and simple.

Two pot stops tops: City leaders consider new rules for medicinal herb shops

By Genevieve Bookwalter

Posted: 11/03/2009 09:23:08 AM PST
Updated: 11/03/2009 11:58:42 AM PST

SANTA CRUZ — In a city famous for its tolerance of marijuana, leaders will consider allowing no more than the two existing medical dispensaries within city limits, despite the federal administration's increasing acceptance of the medicinal herb.

The recommendation comes after a city study showed that only one-quarter of customers shopping in the two dispensaries live within Santa Cruz city limits.

"We're interested in the city of Santa Cruz and its citizens, certainly not outside of the county," said Mike Ferry, city planner. "The two dispensaries are more than adequate." In addition, other, larger cities restrict their own dispensaries to two or three, Ferry said.

Ferry's recommendations come after a moratorium on new dispensaries imposed by City Council last summer. That moratorium was in response to a surge of interest from entrepreneurs hoping to open them after the Obama administration's announcement that it would no longer crack down on medical marijuana sellers or patients as long as they abide by state law.

City leaders last summer asked for time to review their own existing rules and any problems that could result from allowing more dispensaries. Many in the community asked for rules that would regulate the drug's sale similar to those already in place for alcohol.

Ferry's survey consulted the city's two existing dispensaries, Greenway Compassionate Relief Inc., which opened in 2005, and Santa Cruz Patients Collective,
which opened in 2006. Both do business in Harvey West. Staff also researched dispensary rules in other cities.

According to city findings, up to 345 total customers visit the two Santa Cruz dispensaries each day, with about 25 percent of those patients coming from within city limits. About half live elsewhere in Santa Cruz County, and another 25 percent travel from outside county lines.

Ferry said his staff only accounted for the number of dispensaries needed to serve Santa Cruz medical marijuana patients.

Neither the unincorporated county nor other cities within the county allow the shops.

Compared with other cities in Northern California, Ferry said, Santa Rosa, with a population of 161,000, allows two dispensaries; and Berkeley, with a population of 105,000, allows three. Santa Cruz has 59,000 residents and two dispensaries.

If the rules are ultimately approved by council members, Westside resident Stuart Kriege could see his dream dashed of opening a dispensary on Ingalls Street across from the Swift Street Courtyard complex. Kriege filed his application for a dispensary before the moratorium was approved in July, and had met all previously existing rules and conditions.

Kriege said he did not wish to comment on Monday, but would be at Thursday's Planning Commission meeting.

At Greenway, spokesman D. Scott Wade said his business is most excited about the provision in the new rules that would allow the two dispensaries to grow their own medication, consistent with state guidelines.

"If we're getting (marijuana) from outside vendors, we pay the price they want," Wade said. In addition, by growing its own medication, dispensary staff can do more to ensure the herb they sell does not come from illegal grows on public land, is not distributed by illegal drug cartels and is not treated with pesticides or fertilizers, Wade said.

City Councilman Don Lane said he is most concerned that the dispensaries that operate do so as nonprofits, as required by state law. Lane said he is not as worried with the number of shops around town. However, Lane said he wants to research more before casting his vote as a councilman.

"I don't see a pressing need for us to have more (dispensaries)," Lane said, "But I do think that if a case could be made that our local marijuana patients are not being adequately served by the number of dispensaries we have then I'd be open to that issue, to having another one."

Staff recommendations will be considered by the planning commission on Thursday before advancing to City Council for a final decision. A date for the council hearing has not been set.
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 22:50:00
The title of this article could easily be

"Woman getting treated for methamphetamine abuse with marijuana causes accident"

This is what the liberal west coast wants, free a full access to illegal drugs for any reason under the guise of providing "care" and "compassion" while making hand-over-fist PROFIT.

Completely Evil.

Reported by: Web Producer

Friday, Nov 6, 2009 @09:19am CST

News Release:
From: Indiana State Police

Tire falls off Vehicle, Driver Arrested for Driving under the Influence of Drugs

Thursday morning Ian Indiana State trooper responded to a two-vehicle crash on East Oak Street in Princeton and eventually arrested the driver for operating under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana. Cynthia Williams of Patoka was driving westbound on East Oak Street when a tire fell off her vehicle. She lost control and struck an unattended vehicle that was parked near North Gibson Street. The trooper arrived and asked Williams to exit her vehicle. As she was exiting her vehicle a glass pipe fell onto the ground. She immediately picked the pipe up and placed it into her pocket. When the trooper attempted to handcuff Williams she took her free hand and threw the glass pipe onto the ground breaking it into pieces. The pipe that was destroyed is commonly used to smoke methamphetamine. Further investigation revealed that Williams was under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana. She was arrested and taken to the Gibson County Jail where she is held on bond.
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Johnny Law Does It Again! on 11/09/2009 23:00:52
Check the link:


At 8.25%, California has the highest state sales tax, which can total up to 10.75% with local sales tax included[26]. Sales and use taxes in the state of California are collected by a publicly elected tax commission. The statewide 8.25% is allocated as:[27]


"On one stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard alone, four thriving pot shops estimate their tax payments at $4 million a year"

That is TEN MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR PER CLINIC! California wholesale price on marijuana averages $1,200-$2,400 a pound so each clinic is selling 2,500 to 5,500 pounds a year. If they average ill and dying person consumes/buys a single gram a day from these "clinics" then you are claiming that 93,000 people a month are visiting one clinic?

Santa Monica population U.S. Census Bureau year 2000:


They are dealing illegal drugs for profit under the guise of being a "legal clinic"

Or the entire population of Santa Monica is afflicted with debilitating life long illness, injuries, cancer and/or HIV/AIDS.

Come on dopeheads prove it wrong.
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Donesk on 11/09/2009 23:03:42
Johnny, if you keep dumping news articles, no one's going to read what you're saying.

Could you explain to me exactly how it makes sense to criminalize marijuana consumers while encouraging alcohol consumption when the latter has been objectively proven to be more dangerous?

Do you ever drink occasionally? If not, would you oppose the right to do so?

I would also like to familiarize you with the logic principle that correlation does not imply causation. That is to say, if a woman smokes marijuana occasionally(or more) and gets in an accident, you cannot declare the cause of the accident to be marijuana without proof of that particular type of impairment. Especially when she's been drinking.

Could you address these issues without posting mountains of text? Surely you can put your own ideas in your own words.
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Johnny Law on 11/09/2009 23:06:25
From the Devils Mouth:

"Imagine the unintended consequences, Bolanos said. "They say there's between 250,000 and 300,000 medical marijuana patients in the city of Los Angeles, and we don't have wide-open spaces here where we can grow. That means every building in Los Angeles will be a grow site."

Except is has already been proven in court that one clinic was servicing more than 3,600 customers a month. Are you saying that the one clinic has ten percent of the total L.A. market's customer-base with over 1,000 competitors?

Not selling drugs across the U.S. illegally? ....yeah right.
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Johnny Law on 11/10/2009 02:32:24
The point I am making is this. The people fighting regulation, and legal ordinances of "medical marijuana" do so solely because they are criminals. Marijuana-dealing clinics are not there to save the ill from suffering, they are exactly the same as speakeasies (protected from "on-high" by organized crime in politics)during prohibition. They charge the highest prices in the country preying on the sick and disabled with the sole intent of profiting from their illness.

It is a charade.

California marijuana growers have been nearly put out of business by Canadian, Mexican marijuana imports and federal enforcement by the D.E.A. in the last ten years. That is a fact.

Now these same illegal dope dealers want to use "compassionate medical marijuana" to create an environment of trade protection for California-based marijuana growers ONLY.

If you really want debate on the issue then the State should fully legalize suppliers from anywhere and give the patients access to the lowest price with the highest quality just like you have now with every single legal prescription drug today.

Except they cannot do this because the the so-called "medical" drug is still illegal under federal law. So you cannot import cheaper, higher quality, affordable marijuana for the "sick" thus creating a de-facto racist and trade-protectionist policy, that is already being abused for the benefit of criminal groups.

Furthermore, there are already regulations and laws in place for prescription drugs and anyone manufacturing, distributing or retailing medical marijuana should have to adhere to the exact same structure that every other company and drug does now. As soon as you do that, you will find not one single "clinic" will be in business because they don't care about sick people they are concerned with making extraordinary profits selling pot to one of the largest recreational markets in the country while calling the police and ratting out the "illegal medical pot dealers" gaming the system.

Point-in-fact there are new felonies in most States called "legend drug laws" which ad an additional felony to persons caught carrying prescription drugs without a prescription, something that will still be enforced in California and still be putting the majority of marijuana users in jail and with criminal records due to another fact, most of them are simply recreational drugs users.

It is organized crime and as soon as their "books" are open,criminal background checks are performed and the actual grow operations disclosed;the D.E.A. will be right there because they already know what's going on.

What "advocates" are really pushing is decriminalization of drug use as a whole. You are opening up a "can-o-worms" next up, the drug users rights under "pain-management" to use methamphetamine for eating disorders, Valium for sleeping disorders, cocaine and heroin for pain relief, ecstasy for sexual dysfunction and hallucinogenics for alcoholism. Great, an entire nation of junkies and drug addicts and irresponsible people destroying every market the U.S. has under the guise of "compassion for drug users"

Be honest, do you really think that L.A. will be better off with 3 million pot smokers, 1 million crack addicts, 250,000 methamphetamine users and 100,000 hooked on medical heroin?

Do any of you honestly believe that corporate America and Wall street are not salivating at the idea of making billions on legally enslaving you to drugs?

You want to break apart families, do away with legal governance, addict people to drugs, make money from their addictions, and destroy the country. All so you can get your dope every Friday night and stay fuc#ed-up,while hiding behind the pain and suffering of other people, even inducing more of it as all the children growing up today see that it is OK to regularly use drugs because it is for a self-declared medical purpose.

You are all no different than terrorists in my book.

You support a drug-dealing clinic which buys dope anonymously from a "illegal grower" who uses his profits for what?

Tie that back to even one actual overseas terrorist group and I say even the patients should go to prison.

Tie it to one criminal gangbanging group in L.A. and everyone should be charged under federal RICO statute including any patients found not to have actual illness or disease. Any doctor that writes a prescription without actually proving the condition should be prosecuted by the D.E.A.

The medical marijuana movement has weakened America and sent it down the path to ruin.
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TYC on 11/10/2009 21:30:16
@ Johnny Law

Apparently you stand alone against the world on this one. Geez, it's fun to watch you flap in the breeze! And on Food Consumer at that...since you're really eating crow now.

70+ years of prohibition and you couldn't get more people using cannabis if you made it mandatory! Yep, your side is winning...if you consider having the country awash with cannabis a winning strategy. Keep it up! I'd like to see another story about ...

"California marijuana growers have been nearly put out of business by Canadian, Mexican marijuana imports and federal enforcement by the D.E.A. in the last ten years. That is a fact."

By nearly put out of business you mean that cannabis is currently the largest cash crop by far...right?

Geez, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Priceless!
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Fred Evil on 11/11/2009 18:34:53
Johnny Law, have you recognized it yet? That's the sound of inevitability! Thats the sound of the inevitable LEGALIZATION of CANNABIS!!

It is now been requested by the AMA, to review the Schedule I status of cannabis. I wonder why that is? Oh yes, because fully ONE FOURTH of the states have already legalized it for medicinal purposes! Your ignorant viewpoint is rapidly being recognized for the futility you promote! Have we made ANY progress after FORTY YEARS? NOPE!

And we won't, when fully 10% of this countries CITIZENS have outright rejected the utterly worthless 'War on Drugs,' as they recognize it to be just as beneficial as Alcohol's Prohibition, that is to say, NOT!

Schedule I for cannabis is an absolute joke, as is your attempted perpetuation of an utterly FAILED policy. We're winning, COMMON SENSE is winning!

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Fred Evil on 11/11/2009 22:52:32
Johnny Law wrote - "California marijuana growers have been nearly put out of business by Canadian, Mexican marijuana imports and federal enforcement by the D.E.A. in the last ten years. That is a fact."

A fact huh? Then why did CAMP have another record year of uprooting cannabis? 4.5 MILLION plants were uprooted this year, in another failed attempt to control the populace!

Johnny, you couldn't be more wrong if you tried.
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grobley on 11/14/2009 23:49:24
Johnny law sounds like a prohibitionist cunt with his tongue up the DEA's a******e. Do some research you retarded **** instead of having your DEA masters shove their facts up your butthole (since that's where your brain is obviously). I hope you support the prohibition of alcohol and cigarettes too but I bet not since you are a hypocritical ****face.
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white5454 on 11/16/2009 21:00:13
As I researched the legal aspect of medical marijuana back to the days before prohibition, I discovered that:
In 1930, Harry J. Anslinger was named director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, a new division in the Treasury Department. Here are a few of his public comments:
"Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”
“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”
“Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing”
“You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”
“Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”

Are these still legitimate concerns?
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Busted in mendo on 11/16/2009 23:01:41
Johnny Law, too bad you have no real life experience with the medical marijuana movement. I don't think the principal of my sons school,Little League Org.,parents club(of which I am on the Board of Directors), my sons old pre-school,(of which I am on the Board of Directors), soccer league(I am a coach),son's current and former kindergarten,first grade and second grade teachers,(I am a classroom volunteer)Presbyterian Church I attend,(whoops I am a deacon there). I could go on and on.Suffice to say that all of the above know that I grow medical marijuana and none would consider me a ricco statute,drug dealing,terrorist,mafia type or any of the other above inane things you have so kindly called me and many others out there. America has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds criminals. 47% of all people imprisoned in this country are done so because of marijuana prosecutions.I hope you like how your tax dollars are being spent. In the mean time I will continue to give of my time and money to my community in the hopes of helping our society cushion some of the blows it is being dealt.When I have to donate $1000.00 to my sons public school so the teachers can have classroom supplies and yet I am arrested for growing medical marijuana I think we have a problem with how our country is being run. Read Henry David Thoreau's essay on civil disobedience and you will see my thoughts on how I feel about you and your kind who would have us in a police state in the guise of law and order. Thanks for nothing.
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SunflowerPipes on 11/19/2009 07:52:45
Someday I imagine we will all live in a land were men and women alike are free to do what they choose to do with their own bodies. A world were one really does have right to pursue happiness as they see fit. Even if it is sitting at home smoking from a glass pipe.
<a href="www.sunflowerpipes.com">Sunflowerpipes.com</a>
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white5454 on 11/20/2009 00:13:10
Johnny Law makes some good points.

Glad to see this constructive dialog continuing. So, your state wants you register as a MM provider or patient? Why? So you may be identified in a Federal database?
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Someone who knows on 01/27/2010 00:21:53
I know this comment is late but there are never enough of us battling the "truthiness" that comes from the Johnny Laws of this world.

When this thread's "drug worrier" Johnny Law said that there were only 800 patients eligible for medical marijuana in New Mexico, he could not have been more wrong. Even before that state expanded the list of medical conditions that would qualify patients for its program, I estimated that 46,000 New Mexicans qualified for the program. The fact that only 800-1,000 people have applied for their program speaks volumes for the marginal value of becoming a registered patient.

If patients are still forced to the streets to get their medicine (and then have to buy cannabis there that is of unknown purity, quality and efficacy), there is little value in jumping through the state's hoops to become a registered patient. Medical cannabis patients should be able to obtain their medicine as soon as a physician prescribes it at their local pharmacy for $60/ounce, not the $400-700/ounce prices that are commonplace now and that are immoral.

Cannabis IS medicine, so let's treat it as such. As for Johnny Law and the other "drug worriers" out there, get a life, get a real job and get out of our faces.
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SunflowerPipes on 07/29/2010 13:36:50
If pot is good medicine then let legalization happen already. Marijuana does not have a terrible amount of adverse affects. Instead of spending massive amounts of money on law enforcement to arrest kids with glass pipes, the government should concentrate on real problems. The medicinal use of marijuana is well proven and can used to enhance legal drug regiments to ease the suffering of ailing people.
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