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Airport body scanners safe

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By Jimmy Downs

To boost airport security, the Transportation Security Administration or TSA is speeding up its deployment of whole body scanners at security checkpoints in the U.S. airports.

There are two types of airport body scanners. One is based on backscatter technology using x-ray, which is a known human cancer causing agent and the other based on millimeter wave technology which is considered safe.

The TSA says that both scanners are safe.  To comfort future passengers, American College of Radiology and American Roentgen Raw Society issued a statement today saying that the radiation from one scan of the backscatter gives the passenger a dose of radiation that is equivalent to two minutes of flying at 30,000 feet.

X-ray, a type of ionizing radiation, is recognized as a cancer-causing agent by the U.S. National Toxicology Program. It can also raise risk of cardiovascular disease.  According to Dr. John Gofman, a distinguished nuclear physicist and physician, there is not safe threshold for the radiation.

ACR and ARRS say the dose of x-ray for the backscatter is extremely lower delivering only less than 10 microRem of radiation per scan.

In comparison, one chest x-ray gives the patient 10,000 microREMs.

Media reports that TSA allows passengers to opt to get a pad-down search to avoid radiation from the airport body scanners.

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daniele on 01/07/2010 12:00:48
dear sir

i don't mind about amount of dose, is not for screening is only to give autorithy the sure i'm not a bat people, but they must know in other way instead to x-ray me

never mind if they x-ray my baggage but me or my children not

For me is not a solution is an abuse of autority
best regards
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nisi on 01/07/2010 21:43:41

if there is an incident like what happened with that Nigerian man it should not make US Atuthorities pass a law to just X-ray all the people from 14 countries who are living in the US or just visiting .we already had enough security lines we needed to pass to board.
how about you just X-ray every American when they are going to a restaurant after a man shoot people in a restaurant or just X-ray every single student after a boy shot 17 people in a university?

please think about it.
it is not fare to expose us to a cancerogen radiation without any reason just because I was born in a country.
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