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FBI Jobs available

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Just like jobs from many federal government agencies, FBI jobs are among the most wanted.  For many people, these jobs really give employees a feel of adventure and fun.

The FBI hires both new Special Agents and Professional Support personnel to support and to carry out the honorable mission of the FBI, according to the agency. 

These are honorable jobs and employees will have a daily impact on the nation's security and the quality of life for all U.S. Citizens.

FBI jobs will provide you with a challenging, compelling, and rewarding experience, the agency says.

Right now, the FBI is hiring linguists who play a vital role in the translation, transcription, reporting, and analysis of materials with national security ramifications.

The FBI also have lots of positions for special agents. But these FBI jobs require special qualifications. Qualifications can be in accounting, finance, computer science/information technology, engineering, foreign language proficiency, intelligence experience, law, law enforcement/investigation experience, military experience, physical sciences like chemistry, biology and physics.

Another major type of FBI jobs is to be involved in hostage rescue team. These jobs require some extraordinary skills and abilities.  See the FBI website for details.

One basic requirement for all FBI jobs is that the applicants should be U.S. citizens.

Contact FBI today to apply for a dream job.

For more information, visit http://www.fbijobs.gov/


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