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Google to offer super fast broadband network

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News broke today that the search giant google wants to be your Internet service provider and to offer you a super fast broadband network through which 1G of data could be downloaded in a second.

At this time, Internet surfers may download data at speeds of hundreds of MB per second and in many areas some consumers are allowed only to use a speed that is much slower.

Te Internet search giant has been in talks with states and municipalities to build and test a fiber-optic network, according to CNN, which allows video watchers to download a high definition, full-length feature film in less than five minutes or 300 seconds.

Google has not yet decided where it should conduct the test, but news reports say that as many as 50,000 to half a million people will participate in the test.

The move is welcome not only by Internet users, but also government officials.  FCC Chairman Jullius Genachowski and Sen. John kerry both were cited as saying that they wish the best luck to google in its pursuit hoping the test would help consumers in a new era of ultra-high-speed internet access, which will bring individuals and businesses new opportunities.

Google was said to have put out a request for hosting communities on Wednesday, but the company did not say when it expects the test to be completed.  There is no timeline  for when the broadband network could be used by most internet users.

By Jimmy Downs

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