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Tax day post office hours April 15

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The post office hours on April 15 in many locations are extended.  Please check and see if your local postal service office extends their office hours

Remember not all postal offices extend their hours.  Here is a list of the postal offices that extend their working hours to take your mail on April 15. Here are a list of Extended Post Office Hours on Tax Day.

USPS says on its website that "This year when you mail your taxes with the U.S. Postal Service your return is considered filed if postmarked by 
April 15."

When you mail your tax return, make sure you get some evidence that you have mailed the tax returns even though the Internal Revenue Service does not require that your tax return reach its office by April 15.  

To have proof that you have sent your tax return, use certificate of mailing service, or certified mail service or return receipt.

make sure file your tax return on time.  Now if you want to extend the filing time until Oct 15, make sure you still pay off all your due tax.  Just because you can extend your filing does not mean you can delay the payment.

If you can't pay off your tax debt, pay as much as you can and then contact IRS for an installment plan.

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