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The True Victims of Tiger Woods’ Philandering

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By Rachel Stockton

Jesper Parnavik, the golfer who introduced Tiger Woods to his wife, Elin Nordegren, has told the press that he feels badly that he and his wife set her up with the golfing genius.  He went on to suggest that he was likely fooled by Woods, and that he probably thought he was a better guy than he actually was.

Elin worked as a nanny for Parnavik and his wife, as did her twin sister Josefin Nordegren.  While there is a tremendous backlash from all of this, the focus on Tiger has likely made the public forget who the real victims are:  Elin and her two young children, Sam and Charlie.  Regardless of whether or not Elin came at Tiger with a golf club, she is well deserving of some sympathy for a number of reasons:

1.        She married young.  Erin and Josefin were born on New Year’s Day in 1980.  She probably didn’t give Tiger’s wandering eye a second thought; after all, they were “in love.” 

2.       She’s had to make her own way.  Elin and Josefin aren’t slouches, to say the least.  As mentioned above, she and Josefin worked as au pairs; they also worked as cashiers in order to pay for their education.

3.       She has an infant.  For many women, the first year after the birth of a child is difficult.  There are hormonal changes that can do a number on a woman’s emotional state.  While some women only suffer from “baby blues” that don’t last long, there are many others who suffer post partum depression for months.

4.       She has a toddler.  As any veteran baby mama can tell you, caring for two babies takes every ounce of stamina you have.  What’s tragic is that while Elin was likely collapsing into bed at night after putting her kids to bed, Tiger was out catting around with cocktail waitresses.  Even when he home, his compulsive texting shows that he wasn’t paying enough attention to his wife and her needs.

5.       She’s a very private person.  Even though Tiger has expressed the fact that he values privacy (he did so when he tried to blame the media for all of the hype surrounding the crash), he had to know that in choosing a public lifestyle, there’s no way to remain entirely anonymous and free from scrutiny.  Elin had managed to keep her children and herself out of the spotlight; Tiger’s behavior has forced the couple’s dirty laundry out into the open. 

Though the post-tree-incident stress on Tiger is likely horrific, Elin has to come to terms with the fact that her husband is a habitual philanderer.  What makes that even worse is that she evidently found out about his indiscretions only when the rest of the world did.  She’s had no time to fully process her feelings; she cannot be expected to “snap out of it” and “move on.” 



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