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"The Wire" and "ER" writer David Mills passes away

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David Mill, an Emmy Award television journalist who is known to contribute to dramas "The Wire" and "ER" died Wednesday of a brain aneurysm, HBO reported. He was 48.

Mills fell ill on Tuesday night in New Orleans.  He lost consciousness and died at a hospital apparently of a brain aneurysm.

In addition to writing TV dramas, Mills also wrote for the Washington Post in the early 1990s.

Mills is survived by siblings Blanche Carrol., Gloria Johnson and Franklin Mills.

Brain aneurysm or cerebral aneurysm is a weak spot on the blood vessel in the  brain that balloons out and fills with blood, according to nih.gov.

The prognosis for a burst aneurysm is very poor.  Forty percent die within 24 hours of aneurysm rupturing and up to 25 percent die within 6 months.  Those who survive often suffer serious conditions like hemorrhagic stroke, vasospasm, hydrocephalus, coma or short term and or permanent brain damage.

Brain aneurysm strikes about 27,000 people each year in the United States.

Jimmy Downs

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