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FDA: Allergy Relief for Your Child

Children are magnets for colds. But when the sniffles and sneezing won’t go away for weeks, the culprit may be something else: allergies. Long-lasting sneezing, with

Paternal x-ray exposure raises childhood leukemia risk

A number of studies have revealed evidence to suggest paternal exposure to abdominal x-ray before conception may put their children at elevated risk for acute ...
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Potential risk factors for primary brain tumors

Canadian researchers reviewed previous studies and identified some potential risk factors for primary brain tumors in children and adults. For adults, genetic variants, pesticide exposure, occupation ...
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Dental CT scan linked to cancer risk

A retrospective cohort study involving 505 participants who underwent dental computed tomography (dental CT scan) suggests that the imaging technique commonly used when dentists perform ...
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Radiotherapy for breast cancer increases death risk from heart disease

Scientists at Oxford University and other institutions meta-analyzed data from 75 trials of breast cancer radiotherapy and found radiotherapy for breast cancer can significantly increase ...
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Action Alert: "NO CONSENT" to Release of GM Mosquitoes

          Action Alert:  "NO CONSENT" to Release of GM Mosquitoes   GMO Free Floridais urging people tosign the petition opposing the ...
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New UV-based Infection Prevention Device Fills Dangerous Gaps Between Robots, Germicidal Wipes and Bleaches

  New UV-based Infection Prevention Device Fills Dangerous Gaps Between Robots, Germicidal Wipes and Bleaches Economical Unit Provides a 99.9% Kill Rate of C. diff and MRSA with ...
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FDA enhances warnings for certain painkillers

FDA announces enhanced warnings for immediate-release opioid pain medications related to risks of misuse, abuse, addiction, overdose and death New safety warnings also added to all ...
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Could periodontitis be a sign or cause for Alzheimer's disease?

Sunday March 20, 2016 (foodconsumer.org) -- Both periodontitis and Alzheimer's disease are related to an increased systemic pro-inflammatory state.  It has been found that elevated ...
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Early menarche linked to gestational diabetes mellitus

Tuesday March 8, 2016 (foodconsumer.org) -- Liwei Chen at Clemson University in Clemson, SC and colleagues reported in Diabetes Care that women who had an ...
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