Garlic could help patients with diabetes or high blood pressure

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March 3, 2009 ( -- A new study suggests that eating garlic daily may help patients with diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

The study, led by Hana Drobiova at Kuwait University and colleagues, found that rats with diabetes and hypertension experienced a decrease in serum glucose and systolic blood pressure after a three-week treatment with garlic.

For the study, the researchers measured antioxidant status in diabetic and hypertensive rats before and after treatment with garlic (Allium sativum), and they found that the serum antioxidant levels of rats after three weeks of treatment were significantly higher than the baseline levels.

The tested antioxidants included trolox (a stable analog of vitamin E), glutathione, and vitamin C.

Source: eCAM Advance Access published online on February 20, 2009 
eCAM, doi:10.1093/ecam/nep011

By Sue Mueller, and edited by Heather Kelley.

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