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Infant formula linked to baby's death

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By David Liu

News media report that Wal-Mart has pulled infant formulas made by Mead Johnson Nutrition after learning that a 10-day old baby in missouri died after eating the food.

The infant formula of concern is Enfamil Newborn powder sold in 12.5 ounce-cans with the lot number ZP1K7G.

It is suspected that some bacterial contamination might be involved in the case, but it remains unknown whether or not that is true.

Mothers should breastfeed their babies for at least 6 months as recommended by health authorities.  Formula-fed babies can have some consequences such as increased risk for childhood obesity, respiratory illnesses, ear infections and diarrhea.  Babies formula-fed are said to have a 14 times higher risk of being hospitalized in their first year.

A report published in the Dec 2011 issue of Journal of Food Protection says that two 5-month old babies in Mexico who used powdered infant formula developed acute gastroenteritis.  Bacteria Cronobacter sakazakii were found in the infant formula.

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