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White wine drinkers more likely to develop melanoma

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A new study released in 2016 in the journal Nutrition and Cancer  suggests that drinking white wine, but not other types may increase risk for melanoma.  

The study based on data from three cohorts of women and women showed that alcohol intake was linked to elevated risk for melanoma in a dose-response manner.

Specifically, drinking each additional 12.8 grams of alcohol per day was associated with 22% increased risk for melanoma.  But the association was only found between drinking white wine, not others, and risk of melanoma.  

The study found drinking white wine 5 or more times per week was associated with 31% increased risk for melanoma.  Other alcoholic beverages were not correlated with risk of melanoma.

Alcoholic beverages have been recognized by the U.S. National Toxicology Program as a human carcinogen.   Alcohol consumption regardless of its type has been associated with increased risk for a number of malignancies including breast cancer. (David Liu)

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