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Calcium and Health (2)

The first part of the article is here Cancer of the prostateSeveral epidemiological studies have found an association between high intakes of calcium, dairy foods or

Calcium and Health (1)

Introduction Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is found in some foods, added to others, available as a dietary supplement, and present in some ...
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Low zinc intake means high risk of high systolic blood pressure

Friday Oct 25, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- Low dietary intake of zinc, a mineral humans need, is linked to high risk of high systolic blood pressure ...
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Oral magnesium supplements lower systolic blood pressure in some hypertensive patients

Monday Oct 21, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- Taking oral magnesium supplements helps lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients with systolic blood pressure greater than 155 mmHg ...
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Selenium supplements help critically ill patients

Monday Oct 21, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- Taking high doses of selenium supplements helps critically ill patients, according to a study published in Journal of Critical ...
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Too much calcium can cause cardiovascular disease

Tuesday Oct 08, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- A report in the Sep 30, 2013 issue of Nutrients warns food consumers and policy makers that high dietary ...
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Trace Amounts of Copper Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

By Dr. Mercola Copper is an example of a heavy metal that’s a nutrient at low concentrations but extremely toxic at higher levels. Your body uses ...
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Magnesium helps prevent fatal coronary heart disease - study

Friday Aug 23, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- A new study in Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that eating foods high in magnesium may help ...
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Copper linked to Alzheimer's disease

Thursday Aug 22, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) - Copper is a nutrient that humans need.  But a study suggests too much copper in the body may promote ...
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Selenium may protect against advanced prostate cancer

Friday July 26, 2013 (foodconsumer.org) -- A study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute suggests that eating foods high in selenium or taking ...
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