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Selenium supplements prevent and treat PTSD

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Tuesday June 3, 2014 (foodconsumer.org) -- A new study report reminds us that posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which develops after traumatic events may benefit from taking antioxidants supplements like selenium supplements.

PTSD is caused by excitotoxicity - hyper activation of neurons and oxidative stress - accumulation of free radicals.  Lipid peroxidation triggered by free radicals can lead to neurons damage and selenium is involved in different stages of transport and metabolism of glutamate, which is an excitotoxin.   

The study shows that PTSD symptomatic severity and prevalence rate were reduced by 5.85% and 46.03% respectively, compared to baseline in Se group patients. 

Researchers concluded both incidence and symptomatic severity of PTSD are associated with oxidative stress and use of selenium supplements can reduce oxidative stress, lower the incidence of PTSD and ease the PTSD severity.  (david Liu, PHD)

Vo?tsekhovskis VV, Vo?tsekhovska IuG, Shkesters A, Antsane G, Silova A, Ivashchenko T, Michans Ia, Va?vads N.  Advances of selenium supplementation in posttraumatic stress disorder risk group patients.  Biomed Khim. 2014 Jan-Feb;60(1):125-32.

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