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Letter to Editor: Greetings Anti-GMO Groups

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Just want to voice an opinion about the battle against GMOs in the food supply.

I imagine anyone reading this will know by now that Monsanto’s former vice president, Michael Taylor, is our nation’s food safety authority as Deputy Commissioner for Food at the FDA.  And to think he is only one of many other former private sector biotech and pharmaceutical employees who have risen to the bureaucrat arena is a very serious matter.

It should be apparent enough to see that petition efforts are likely to be worthless unless they could somehow get air time – which will likely never happen.  Nearly equally so in futility are the small demonstrations we have organized and attended.  Politicians are largely out to lunch and have no interest in taking a stand despite the unnumbered phone calls, emails and faxes voicing our concerns.

We need to take a serious lesson from the California ballot initiative campaign for GMO labeling which recently achieved its signatures goal for a referendum in the upcoming elections.  The fantastic organization and untiring work of those great individuals is deeply inspiring and we all need to imitate their determination, but in my opinion, in a different way.  While this work is highly commendable it can be shot down by the judicial system, regardless of the will of the people.

My suggestion and urging is to no longer solely depend upon social networking and all the other activities of the past, but to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of door to door literature drop campaigns to educate our neighbors about what we know and they don’t.

I am fully in agreement with Jeffery Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology (www.responsibletechnology.org) that getting enough Americans to say no to GMOs in the supermarket is the surest way to usher out the GMO era.  Everything else will or can fall short, even successful referendums for labeling.

Please consider challenging your members to sacrifice their time and dollar to obtain success over the stealth in the marketplace.


P.S. I use this pamphlet to educate:  http://www.responsibletechnology.org/docs/140.pdf

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