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Why the Cost of Supplements Is Likely to Soar (Within the Next 12 Months)

Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 14 2011 Story at-a-glance The "Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011" treats vitamins and other supplements as if they are drugs, and imposes regulations

The Risks of Treating Diabetes with Drugs Are FAR Worse than the Disease

Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 07 2011   By Dr. Mercola Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, and up to 95 percent of these cases are type 2 diabetes. Unlike type ...
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This Procedure Ruins Your Body's Ability to Detoxify Itself

Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 07 2011   With Consumers for Dental Choice Story at-a-glance Dental amalgam emits mercury vapor after it is implanted in your mouth. This mercury is bioaccumulative ...
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The Key Most Arthritis Sufferers are Not Doing Enough of

Posted by: Dr. Mercola | September 01 2011    It is known that being physically active is one of best ways people with arthritis can improve their health. However, a ...
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What You Don't Know About Flavor Enhancers Can Harm You

Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 01 2011 Senomyx is a high tech research and development business that is "dedicated to finding new flavors to reduce sugars and reduce ...
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The Forbidden Food You Should Never Stop Eating

Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 01 2011    Conventional medical authorities say that consumption of saturated animal fats is bad for you and causes heart disease. But a hundred years ...
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Probably the Best Way to Enhance Your Baby's Gut and Brain Development

Posted By Dr. Mercola | August 26 2011 A vast amount of research has reported that breast-feeding plays an important role for the development of a newborn. Non-breast fed ...
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This Almost Perfect Natural Oil Could Slow Down Your Aging Clock

Posted By Dr. Mercola | August 26 2011  By Dr. Mercola I was one of the first to promote krill as an exceptional source of animal based omega-3 dietary fats. ...
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Mythbusters: Learn the Truth about Food Safety in Your Home

Posted August 23, 2011 By Howard Seltzer, National Education Advisor, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA It’s September, so it’s time for us to bust ...
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Are You Fat Because You are Being Poisoned?

Posted By Dr. Mercola | August 24 2011   Recent research has implicated environmental contaminants in the pathogenesis of obesity. A new study sought to explore the relationship between persistent ...
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