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Don’t Blame Peanut Butter for Salmonella Outbreak: It’s the Meat!

Don’t Blame Peanut Butter for Salmonella Outbreak: It’s the Meat! October 2, 2012 Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printMore Sharing Services   A total of 30

Salmonella Prompts Peanut Butter Recall, What Is Your Risk?

By David Liu, PHD Monday Oct 1, 2012 (foodconsumer.org) -- Quite a few recalls for peanut butter and peanut butter containing products have been issued over ...
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Reader's response to article "Common metal oxide nanoparticles damage and kill cells"

Dear Editor,   Recently your site posted an article by David Liu highlighting “Common metal oxide nanoparticles damage and kill cells” based on a study done in ...
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Letter to Editor: Greetings Anti-GMO Groups

Just want to voice an opinion about the battle against GMOs in the food supply. I imagine anyone reading this will know by now that Monsanto’s ...
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Watch Your Butts, Hot Dog Fans

Baseball fans eat more than 22 million hot dogs at ballparks during baseball season. PCRM's new “Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer” billboard outside of Marlins ...
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Letter to Editor: Highly exposed to phthalates as fetuses, female mice have altered reproductive lives

Dear Dr. Liu, In the first study to examine what effect in utero doses of phthalates have on the reproductive system of mice, Brown University toxicologists found that ...
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Husbands--Don't Commit These Valentine's Day Insults!

By Martha Rosenberg A recent poll revealed that while women plan their holiday gifts in advance, men often buy them at the gas station on the way ...
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Why is the Government Buying You Twinkies?

Posted By Dr. Mercola     Visit the Mercola Video Library Story at-a-glance A report by the non-profit U.S. PIRG called “Apples to Twinkies” reveals that every year, your tax dollars ...
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The Truth About Butterball Turkeys

By Martha Rosenberg "People love turkey. We love turkey, too," says the corporate website for Butterball, the nation's largest vertically integrated turkey producer. Butterball is certified by the British ...
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Could Steve Jobs live longer if he opted to have conventional treatments earlier? (comment)

By David Liu Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs' biographer was cited by telegraph.co.uk as saying that Mr. Jobs, the former Apple chief executive regretted that he did ...
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