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Raw cow milk bill in Arkansas

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Tea party friends,

We are pleased to announce that our former chairman Randy Alexander has filed HB1536--a bill to allow for more food freedom in the state! This bill would amend current state law regarding incidental sales of raw goat milk to extend that right to cow milk as well, and increase the monthly limit from the current 100 gallons to 500 gallons. This would be a huge victory for food freedom, whether or not raw cow milk is something you are personally interested in. The issue at stake, as we see it, is whether or not Arkansans should have the right to make their own food choices and decide where they want to purchase their food. 28 states do not prohibit raw milk sales. Others allow it with various restrictions. It is a growing trend, and we hope Arkansas will join the list of states that do not outlaw this important right. 

Under current state law, and this bill also, a person wanting to buy raw cow milk would still have to purchase it directly from the farm. This is really no different than when a person buys other food directly from a farmer (such as at a local farmer's market), so it is a bill that many people should support. Certain people are likely to oppose it though, so we hope you will take a quick minute to help support the bill. Contact legislators of either party asking them to co-sponsor it. Charlene Fite and Bob Ballinger (who is on the Agriculture Committee) have already co-sponsored it. Thank them for doing so. We also need your help getting the word out to activists around the state. Perhaps there are people or groups you know of who are interested in food freedom.

The bill was referred to the House Agriculture Committee. There is no date yet for it to be heard. Here are their email addresses: 

matthew.shepherd@arkansashouse.org nate.steel@arkansashouse.org ; ewmccrary@sbcglobal.net ; jcedwardslaw@aol.com ; Stephen.Meeks@arkansashouse.org ; greg@gregleding.com ; l_jean@sbcglobal.net ; homer.lenderman@arkansashouse.org ; kelley@kelleylinck.com ; Jon.Eubanks@arkansashouse.org ; davidlbranscum@hotmail.com ; Sheilla.Lampkin@arkansashouse.org ; jamesratliff3468@yahoo.com ; jeremy@growing45.com ; tt4rep@att.net ; douglasforarkansas@yahoo.com ; stephen.magie@arkansashouse.org ; joe.jett@arkansashouse.org ; bob@bobballinger.com dan-douglas@sbcglobal.net

For freedom,

The WCTP team


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