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Big Victory for the residents of Windsor, Ontario

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JANUARY 29, 2013

Dear Readers:

Before we get to the fantastic news out of Canada, we would like to share several notes with you:

  • It has been 22 days since FAN’s Director and Co-author ofThe Case Against Fluoride, Dr. Paul Connett, challenged the chief promoter of fluoridation, Dr. William Maas of the Pew Charitable Trusts, to a public debate. Dr. Maas has yet to accept the challenge.  
  • There are more than 4,200 signers so far on this AVAAZ.org petition to Stop Water Fluoridation. Please take a minute to sign and share it--post it on your social media pages and email it to friends, family and colleagues. If we’re able to get enough signatures, there is a chance that AVAAZ will help promote the petition, which would result in many more signers. 
  • Clean Water Portland has kicked off the next phase of their campaign to reverse the City Council’s vote to fluoridate Portland, Oregon’s drinking water. They have already successfully gotten the fluoridation question on the ballot for a vote this May, but they will need all of the volunteers and support they can get up until the vote to educate Portland citizens and combat the pro-fluoride propaganda machine. This is the biggest fluoridation fight right now, and a victory this spring is crucial. Please Get Involved and donate to this important campaign.  
  • We would like to congratulate Hans Helland of San Antonio, Texas, who won the fundraising raffle for The Case Against Fluoride signed by all three authors, Paul Connett, James Beck, and H.S. Micklem. The names of everyone who donated to FAN during our annual fundraising drive went into the raffle. If anyone who donated hasn't received their premium gift yet, please email Ellen.



Approximately 330,000 Canadians living in and around Windsor, Ontario will be drinking fluoride-free water in the near future. After more than a year of campaigning by local residents, and a 6-hour long hearing on Monday night, the Windsor Council voted 8-3 to end fluoridation. Mayor Eddie Francis also voted with the majority, saying: “A lot has changed in the last 60 years…fluoride is not the be-all and end-all to prevent tooth decay.” 

This decision will not only impact the city of Windsor, but will also remove the fluoride from the drinking water of neighboring communities LaSalle and Tecumseh. This past March, Tecumseh town councilors voted 3-1 to ask Windsor to stop adding fluoride to the water. Prior to Tecumseh’s vote both the Windsor Essex County Environment Committee and the Windsor Utilities Commission recommended that the city end their fluoridation program after citizens raised concerns about the additive.

This amazing victory was led by a number of well-organized citizens who established Fluoride Free Windsor (Facebook page), including Kimberley DeYong, Donna Mayne, and Ayesha Drouillard. Help was provided by Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation, Heather Gingerich, and many others. These campaigners are an inspiration, and great example of how a team can work together to end water fluoridation by educating the community and local decision-makers. 

Windsor, Tecumseh, and LaSalle will now join the growing number of Canadian communities that have recently ended fluoridation, including Waterloo, Calgary, Lakeshore, Kirkland Lake, Orillia, Moncton, Amherstburg, and many more. In fact, according to the Director of the Environmental Training Institute--which trains municipal waterworks operators—“there’s been a 26 per cent drop in Canadian municipalities using fluoridation since 2005.” 

Clearly we are moving in the right direction. Congratulations Windsor!

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager
Fluoride Action Network

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