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Consumer and business coalition hits Bloomberg's salt reduction in food scheme (PR)

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January 13, 2010
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'A restaurant-killing, job-killing strategy' 


NEW YORK CITY-- A coalition of consumers and businesses is calling out Mayor Michael Bloomberg  "on outrageous and irresponsible comments comparing salt to asbestos."  The coalition, My Food My Choice, references Bloomberg's defense of his scheme for a 25 percent salt reduction in manufactured foods sold in New York City, where he compared reducing the popular seasoning with rooting out deadly asbestos in the classroom.
According to Orit Sklar, national spokeswoman of the coalition My Food My Choice, "Since manufacturers would have to change their entire food product line forNew York City because of this unwarranted attack on salt, Bloomberg is affecting food policy for the entire country."
"Bloomberg claims this is a 'voluntary' campaign, but his hysterical comments and the comparison to asbestos are especially a stab in the back to the city's ethnic cuisine, which is world reknown," Sklar says. "Furthermore, salt has important properties that preserve and stabilize food, make it taste better, and it is a nutrient essential to life."  
Noma Dumich, the former owner of  Sel Et Poivre ('Salt & Pepper'), which is now owned by Noma's daughter and son in-law, in Manhattan, believes the mayor is pushing a restaurant-killing and job-killing strategy. 
"A growing number of city restaurant owners are joining in a rising protest against Bloomberg," said Dumich.  "We have the right to serve the food that our customers love. I'm very worried what Bloomberg's campaign means to my family and other city restaurants, and how it will affect the millions of diners and tourists who visit New York City for its excellent food,"  Dumich said.
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My Food My Choice is a grassroots coalition of consumers and businesses that promotes the advancement of consumer choice in the marketplace and an environment of economic vitality.


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