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Congressman Ron Paul on Fluoridation, and More Victories! (PR)

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Dear Readers,

The broad based coalition of people opposed to fluoridation has just gotten bigger!  In an interview with FAN's campaign director Stuart Cooper, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, said that if elected he would oppose any funding to enable the CDC to continue to promote fluoridation. He said that fluoridation was a local issue and the federal bureaucracy should not be spending tax dollars promoting the practice. Here is Stuart's report of the conversation:  

Dr. Paul responded: 

"The federal government should have zero...nothing to do with the promotion of fluoridation unless its on a military base...and hopefully there they would do the right thing.  So no, federal fluoride promotion shouldn't exist, they shouldn't be telling you or anyone else what should happen because even though it was well intended at the time--I remember that I thought it was a bad principle because in a way it was massive treatment--and at the time everybody accepted the idea that fluoride was great and that you would never get a cavity and there was no downside, now there is a big question, that's why you don't want government doing these kinds of things.  You or I should decide, someone should give us bottled water with fluoride, or we should have the ability to buy water with fluoride, but we should not have the federal government promoting fluoridation...sometimes their right, most of the time their wrong.  They shouldn't have the authority to do this.  Especially with the information out there now about fluoride, I would do my best to stop federal involvement with state and local fluoride decisions."

Ron Paul is a physician trained in obstetrics and gynecology and has been a U.S. Congressman representing the Houston area of Texas for over 20 years. He has run for President twice before,  has multiple best selling books, and has a very large and loyal following across the United States.   

Dr. Paul is the latest influential leader to join the choir of opposition to fluoridation in 2011.  This winter, prominent Democratic New York City Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr.introduced a bill to prohibit fluoridation of the city's drinking water.  In April, former U.N. Ambassador and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, along with fellow civil rights leaders Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley and Bernice King, called for a repeal of mandatory fluoridation laws.  And just last month, Consumer Activist and former Green party and Independent party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader, came out publicly inopposition to mandatory water fluoridation.   
The wide range of personalities opposing fluoridation, along with the nearly 4,000 medical and scientific professionals who have signed FANs professional statement, clearly proves that opposition to fluoridation is not only growing rapidly, but is also blind to ideology or political party affiliation.  The anti-fluoridation tent just keeps getting bigger and bigger! 

Victories in June!

After a great spring, with anti-fluoridation victories in

both Mt. Clemons and Marcellus, Michigan, as well a victory in Lago Vista, Texas, we're happy to report a great start to the summer months with three more victories in the fight against fluoride:  

June 30:

Taumarunui, New Zealand, ends fluoridation  

June 27, 2011:

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada 

June 6:

communities that said NO to fluoridation

Stuart Cooper

Campaign Manager, Fluoride Action Network 


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