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Looking ahead to 2013 - Fluoridation

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JANUARY 7, 2013


Dear Readers:

As FAN’s Director, Dr. Paul Connett, prepares to embark on another international tour to support communities fighting fluoridation, (see itinerary below) he is issuing a challenge to the fluoride-lobby’s leading spokesperson. Today, Dr. Connett is formally challenging Dr. William Maas of the Pew Charitable Trusts to a public debate on the safety, effectiveness, and ethics of fluoridation. 

From 1998 to 2010, William Maas, DDS, MPH, MS was the director of the Oral Health Division of the CDC, the only division that speaks on and promotes fluoridation at the CDC. While at the CDC, Maas took on the roll as one of the top promoters of fluoridation in the United States. Upon leaving the CDC, he joined the Pew Charitable Trusts as “an advisor to the Pew Children’s Dental Campaign.” As an advisor he has continued his role as chief promoter of fluoridation puffery, traveling to communities debating fluoridation to testify before decision-makers and promote the practice in the media.

Just this past fall, Pew and Dr. Maas travelled to Wichita, Kansas in an attempt to force fluoridation on the residents who had already voted down the practice several times before. Pew contributed more than $100,000 pushing fluoridation in Wichita, and sent Dr. Maas to Kansas to speak with Sedgwick County Commissioners prior to the November vote. At another meeting in Wichita, Bill Maas was asked by a citizen if he would be willing to debate Dr. Connett. He declined, claiming that Connett was a brilliant debater and he wasn’t, but then he added that Connett was also the chief misinformer on fluoridation. If William Maas truly believes this, then he should not have any problem finding the courage to debate the issue publicly, since all he has to do is expose the so-called “misinformation” Dr. Connett is supposedly spreading. 

So, Dr. William Maas, you have been challenged. As the chief spokesperson and promoter of fluoridation, we call on you to defend the practice of fluoridation against the latest science and medical research, in a debate with Dr. Paul Connett. FAN will be keeping track of how many days go by before you face the truth about fluoridation.

Click Here to Learn More about William Mass

Dr. Connett’s Speaking Itinerary

Professor Paul Connett (the director of FAN and co-author of The Case Against Fluoride, Chelsea Green, 2010) will kick off 2013 by continuing to travel to communities around the country and around the world, helping to fight fluoridation.  While on the road, he is willing to debate any dentist, doctor, scientist or public health official who believes that fluoridation is a good idea. He is particularly interested in debating those who, with a great deal of confidence, assure the public that the practice is "safe and effective" especially those who accuse opponents of being "anti-science." 

Well-known dental researcher and fluoridation apologist Stephen Levy of the University of Iowa was asked to debate Paul during this trip but he declined. Levy was part of the six-membered pro-fluoridation panel selected by Health Canada to review the scientific literature on fluoride and declared that the "weight of evidence" did not support the notion that fluoride interfered with intellectual development. The panel only looked at 5 of the 23 IQ studies available at the time. There are now 36 studies.

All of Dr. Connett's appearance are provided free of charge, however his travel and accommodation is provided by the host community, and donations to FAN are welcomed but not obligatory. He will be in the following places in early 2013:

January 14-15: The quad city area of Iowa and Illinois

February 17--March 9: New Zealand

  • Paul will be speaking extensively throughout New Zealand. Particularly, he will be speaking in Whakatane and Hastings where they are having referenda later in the year, and Hamilton and Thames which are holding a community review of fluoridation with a view to stopping it.  Hastings is the first area in New Zealand to be fluoridated and Hamilton is the fourth largest city in the country, the 3rd largest fluoridated one. If both of these places stop, or even if one of these places stop, the practice of fluoridation will be in serious jeopardy. Paul's last tour to NZ in 2011 was very successful.  Since then 2 towns and 1 city have stopped bringing the total number of councils that fluoridate down from 26 to 23 out of 67."

March 22-24: San Francisco, California

The Campaign Continues in Kansas

The fluoride-free campaign continues in Kansas after the big victory in November. Recently, the Wichita Eagle newspaper published an article that exposed just how much money was being spent by fluoridation proponents to force the chemical down residents’ throats. That article was followed up this week by a story in the Kansas City Star that looked at the growing state-level campaign to end fluoridation.

Mark Gietzen, who is quoted extensively in this latest story and is a leader in the campaign to end fluoridation in Kansas, wrote the following response to the article:  

Editorial Response; Kansas City Star


Mark S. Gietzen, Wichita, 2013-Jan-05

Fluoridation opponents won the recent Fluoridation Referendum in Wichita because the latest scientific facts and evidence are so clearly on their side.

I recommend that anyone new to the fluoride topic simply focus on verifiable science and avoid all the useless "spin" and "hype". The established facts, with the hype and spin removed, are shocking enough to anyone who cares about their own health, and the health of their children.

As Mike indicated in this article, I got involved in the fluoride topic first as a neutral referee, less than six months ago, trying to set up a debate between the two opposing sides. My goal was and is to “stick to the facts”, because the minute you let politics influence the science, you no longer have science at all, and everyone suffers the consequences!

In April of 1999, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) published a statement in their MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) listing “Fluoridation of drinking water” as 9th of the “Ten Great Public Health Achievements” in United States between 1900 and 1999. However, that was 14 years ago, and science has advanced a lot since then!

Today, with much more study still urgently needed, I believe that the established scientific facts indicate that fluoridation of drinking water will soon be accepted as the nation’s biggest public health blunder in the history of our nation.

Forget the good guy – bad guy nonsense, forget the partisan politics, forget the blame, forget the profit motives, and forget the unsupported wild claims. The fluoridation concept is simply a case of a well-intentioned public policy being later proven wrong! The sooner we correct our public policy, and bring our current practices in line with the latest science, the better off we will all be.

If there is any health benefit to fluoridated water, it is topical only – i.e., only while it touches the teeth. However, once swallowed, fluoride affects EVERY tissue in the body, not just the teeth!

We no longer use leaded gasoline, leaded paint or asbestos insulation because modern science proved to us that what we once thought was a good idea, was in fact not so! The same is true for water fluoridation. Modern science shows that fluoridation is an outdated practice with very little benefit and many serious and alarming health risks.

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