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Tell grocery Stores "No!" to genetically engineered seafood

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Keep GE Salmon off your family's food plate! Sign the petition to tell supermarkets, food companies, and restaurants to sign the pledge for GE-Free seafood!

The Institute for Responsible Technology is excited to announce we are part of a new project to prevent genetically engineered fish from hitting our plates: the Campaign for GE-Free Seafood! 

As part of this campaign, we are asking grocery stores, restaurants, chefs and other food companies to sign the Pledge for GE-Free Seafood which simply states publically that it is their policy to not knowingly purchase or sell genetically engineered salmon or other genetically engineered seafood, should it come to market.

The Institute for Responsible Technology, along with a coalition of thirty consumer, food safety, fishing, environmental, sustainable agriculture, parent, public health and animal health and welfare organizations, representing millions of members, a letter to the nation’s top grocery stores asking them to commit to not sell genetically engineered fish, and we are already seeing amazing results! 

Some of the biggest grocery stores in the U.S. have stated that they will not sell genetically engineered salmon and other seafood in their stores including: Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Marsh Supermarkets, Aldi, and PCC Natural Markets! This is huge news! These stores represent a significant portion of the market in the U.S., and by joining the campaign they are showing their support for consumers’ rights and sustainable seafood.

But our work is not done yet. Since the FDA has stated that it will likely not require GE fish to be labeled, consumers will have no way of avoiding the fish at the market. Through the Pledge for GE-Free Seafood, however, stores and restaurants can make clear to consumers their policies against selling GE fish. It’s essential that, as consumers, we speak up for our right to know what foods we feed our families.

Don’t see your favorite grocery store on the list of signers? Click here to sign a petition to other grocery stores asking them to sign the Pledge for GE-Free Seafood and making it clear that consumers do not want GE salmon or other GE seafood in their neighborhood markets!

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