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Fluoridation's 70th Anniversary - Not Something to Celebrate

JANUARY 21, 2014   This Sunday is the 70th anniversary of water fluoridation.  We anticipate the American Dental Association, along with the rest of the pro-fluoridation lobby, will

NY State to Expand Fluoridation Ignoring Own Evidence of Harm & Ineffectiveness

NEW YORK, Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Despite their own evidence of harm and ineffectiveness, New York Stateunelected bureaucrats encourage water fluoridation expansion throughout the state, wasting money and ...
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Dallas Needs Your Help

JANUARY 19, 2014   Dallas needs your help! The Mayor and City Council will be meeting in less then two weeks, on Wednesday, January 28th to vote on whether ...
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Action needed: 16,451 short for GMO Labeling Petition to Obama

This is incredible! 23,549 EWG supporters have already joined EWG in calling on President Obama to honor his pledge of requiring the labeling of genetically engineered ...
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12 Ways Consumers Can Drive GMOs off the Market

    Subscribe & Read Past Issues | OCA Homepage | Donate  ESSAY OF THE WEEK 12-Step Program for Consumers? Rice in the Lab · IRRI Images For two decades, Monsanto has randomly inserted the genes of ...
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Promotion of fluoridation in NZ: If all else fails change the language!

JANUARY 7, 2014        In the last few years NZ health authorities have gone to some extraordinary lengths to continue their support and promotion of the ...
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A Huge Thank You and Happy New Year to You All from FAN

JANUARY 1, 2014     First, a happy and successful new year to each and every one of you.     Let’s hope together we can really take a ...
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The Great FAN poster competition. Please vote!

DECEMBER 31, 2014 Before we get to the Poster competition (and you won’t be disappointed) here is an update on our annual fundraiser. The Final Day We ...
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Defending Democracy - Newsletter from Center for Food Safety

      View Web Version                       DONATE   I hesitate to add to the cascade of year-end appeals that you are no doubt receiving from many worthy organizations.  Still, I thought it ...
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Victory is in sight!

     The growing consumer and food industry rejection of GMOs has not been random or accidental—it has been engineered. IRT has been a leading force in the ...
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