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The Fluoridation Movement Loses a Great Warrior

OCTOBER 17, 2013 Dear Reader:   By now you have probably heard the sad news that one of the rocks of the fluoridation opposition movement for over 40

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OCA Homepage Don't let Monsanto take this one away. Dear Organic Consumer, Last year this time, you were pouring your heart and soul into winning the GMO labeling ...
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Something Historical Is About to Happen - But Your Participation Is Critical

By Dr. Mercola Between October 18 and November 5 the next big GMO-labeling vote will take place in the United States; this time in Washington State, ...
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Irish Fluoridation Report Suppressed

OCTOBER 12, 2013 Dear Readers: Latest Fluoride-Free Victories: Columbia, Tennessee – On September 25th the Columbia Power and Water Systems Board of Public Utilities voted 3-2 to discontinue fluoridation of the ...
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Fed Shutdown Forces Cease-Fire in Organic War: USDA Louisville Meeting Canceled

October 10th, 2013 Organic Advocates Railing AgainstIndustry/Obama Administration Power Grab As collateral damage spreads, with Congress continuing at loggerheads over a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal ...
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What's Affected by a Government Shutdown?

Below, find an overview of some of the government services and operations that will be impacted until Congress passes a budget to fund them again. ...
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Organic Consumers Association Newsletter: Defeating Monsanto

ESSAY OF THE WEEK FDA’s Voluntary GMO Labeling Is Good for Monsanto, Bad for Consumers While consumers battle on for laws mandating the labeling of genetically modified ...
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OCA Newsletter: Monsanto, Dupont Spend $8.2M to Buy Washington Election

We knew they’d be back. With their bald-faced lies. Their brazen disregard for your health and our environment. Their arrogant plans to deny you the ...
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Eating GE food?

Dear Readers,Should companies like Monsanto and General Mills get away with hiding the facts from us?Heck no.You have the right to know what you're eating. Yet ...
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FAN's New Washington, D.C. Representative

AUGUST 22, 2013 Dear Readers:   FAN has some very exciting news about our expanding influence in Washington, D.C., but first there was a fluoride-free victory this week ...
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