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It's time to stop Monsanto

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In exactly one week, the polls close on voting for Washington’s Initiative 522. This could make Washington the first state in the US to mandate labeling of GMOs, and it could be the pivotal moment in the struggle for the right to know.

A New York Times poll from earlier this year found that 93% of the American public supported GMO labeling. But Monsanto and their allies have been fighting hard to keep the USDA, the FDA, Congress, and the American public from making those pesky labels a reality.

If we had labeling, of course, some people might choose to avoid genetically modified foods, and then the whole game might change.

Eager to keep Washington from unleashing a domino of state or national-level labeling initiatives, Monsanto and the junk food industry have been fighting hard in Washington. They have broken the state record by dumping more than $17 million into fighting against I-522. Their campaign has been inundating Washington voters with misleading ads and outright lies.

This deluge of spending has had an impact. While I-522 was way ahead in the polls early on, the latest poll found it to be a dead heat. Washington is a mail-in ballot state, and since this is not a big election year, the results will likely come down to voter turnout.

That’s why calls to Washington State voters are so important.

The Yes on 522 campaign has a nifty phone banking system that makes it super easy for you to dive in and help.

Get involved in I-522, and sign up to volunteer, here.

Safe eating comes from INFORMED eating,
The Small But Mighty IRT - Food Policy Fund Team 

P.S. We just finished an awesome GMO Mini-Summit, with more than 45,000 participants. We learned a lot about GMOs that we look forward to sharing with you. Some of the Summit highlights are now playing on the Broadcasts page, if you want to check it out. The link is right here.

The Institute for Responsible Technology Food Policy Fund is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization engaging in advocacy and legislative lobbying activities. It endorses I-522, but is not affiliated with the Yes on I-522 campaign.

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