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Wichita Eagle Misleads Readers on Fluoride & IQ

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MARCH 20, 2013

Dear Readers: 


Before we get to the breaking story about the Wichita Eagle newspaper, we want to share the following three stories:

  • The plan to mandate fluoridation for the entire county of Hampshire, which includes Southampton, in the UK will likely be reversed with new government guidelines that will give local councilors control of fluoridation. This decision comes four years after 72 percent of the residents polled by the South Central Strategic Health Authority opposed fluoridation.
  • On Friday, March 22, Dr. Paul Connett will be speaking at theGet the Fluoride Out Symposium and Rally in San Francisco, California. The event will begin in Union Square Park at 3pm, and will include a rally and march to the Civic Center where the symposium will be held. Joining Dr. Connett at the symposium will be Alameda dentist, Dr. Terecita Dean. You can alsoRSVP and share the event on Facebook.



How the Wichita Eagle Misled the Public

As many of you know, the fluoride-lobby directed a great deal of their time and money this past summer and fall on an attempt to force fluoridation on the residents of Wichita, Kansas. Thankfully, local campaigners were successful in educating citizens who eventually voted against fluoridating the water supply by a 60%-40% vote. During the entire debate, the local newspaper--the Wichita Eagle—heavily promoted fluoridation in its editorial pages, and published many news stories that appeared to share a pro-fluoride slant.

One such news article entitled “Harvard Scientists: Data on fluoride, IQ not applicable in U.S.”, was a glaring example of how the paper’s pro-fluoride bias infiltrated their news stories. The article was theEagle’s coverage of the recent peer reviewed research paper published by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health linking fluoride exposure to lower IQ in children. The Wichita paper’s opening paragraph on the Harvard IQ study declared:



“Harvard university scientists say Wichita voters shouldn’t depend on a research study they compiled to decide whether to put fluoride in the city’s drinking water to fight tooth decay.”

This, however, was false. Dr. Philippe Grandjean, the senior scientist on the Harvard team, has criticized the Wichita paper for deceptively attributing its own conclusions on fluoridation to the Harvard scientists. Fluoridation’s potential to produce “chemical brain drain,” Grandjean writes, is an issue that “definitely deserves concern.” 

Now the pro-fluoride lobby is citing this inaccurate article across the country whenever the Harvard study is brought up in an effort to convince decision-makers and the public to disregard fluoride’s link to reduced IQ.

Read FAN’s Full Report on the Wichita Eagle’s Poor Reporting


Don’t Miss This

  • The international television news program Breaking the Setwith host Abbey Martin ran a segment on the dangers of fluoridation this past week. Abbey’s show is on the Russian Today television network and is broadcast to more than 550 million viewers in over 100 countries.
  • FAN’s Special Projects Director, Attorney Michael Connett, was recently interviewed about fluoridation on WPSU, a National Public Radio affiliate in Central Pennsylvania. The interview offers a great lesson on how to respond to some of the most common fluoridation questions asked by the media and the general public. 
  • Michael Connett also recently created a fluoridation protest music video to the song “Get it Out” by composer and wordsmith Alex Wilson.
  • More than 7,500 people have already signed the AVAAZ.org petition to end fluoridation. Help us get that number over 10,000 by April, please take a moment to sign the petition and share it with friends by email on your social media profiles.



Be Part of History by Helping Clean Water Portland

There are only 9 weeks left until the crucial May 21 ballot vote on fluoridation for the residents of the city of Portland, Oregon. Portland remains the largest non-fluoridated U.S. city and we need to keep it that way. This is clearly the biggest campaign right now for the fluoride-free movement, as well as for proponents of fluoridation. The pro-fluoride lobby will do everything in their power to keep from losing in Portland after losing this past fall in Wichita, Kansas.

The people of Portland need your help now more than ever! While proponents have a team of hired staffers, PR consultants, lobbyists, campaign managers, and a seemingly unlimited budget, the fluoride-free campaigners of Clean Water Portland depend on private donations and local volunteers. Just this week the Willamette Weekly reported that proponents have raised $59,000 compared to Clean Water Portland’s $35,000. This doesn’t even include the grant money being spread around by the PEW Charitable Trusts or the money being spent by the American Dental Association and the Oregon Dental Association. 

If you live near Portland then please contact Clean Water Portland andvolunteer. They have been organizing daily sign waving at 3:30 pm, as well as weekly neighborhood canvassing. If you cannot volunteer but would like to help make a huge difference, then please make a donation. Winning a referendum vote requires a massive voter education and advertising campaign, and without your help the truth is likely to be replaced in TV, radio, and newspaper ads with pro-fluoride propaganda and junk science.






Stuart Cooper





Campaign Manager

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