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A Second Celebrity Video Opposing Fluoridation

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MAY 7, 2013

Dear Readers:

Before we get to the new celebrity video, we would like to announce that FAN's Director and the co-author of "The Case Against Fluoride", Dr. Paul Connett, will be speaking in Lafayette, Colorado(near Boulder) on Wednesday, May 8 at the Lafayette Public Library (775 West Baseline Road). The event will start at 7 pm.  Please bring friends and family, and please share news of this event with anyone you know who lives in the Lafayette / Boulder / Denver area. 

A Choice, Not a Mandate

Two weeks ago FAN premiered our first celebrity public service announcement in opposition to fluoridation. It featured actor and environmental advocate Ed Begley, Jr. explaining why he opposes fluoridation

This week, FAN is thrilled to share a second celebrity PSA featuring another great film and television actor and political activist, Ed Asner. In this short PSA, Ed Asner explains his opposition to water fluoridation, stating: "Common sense and common decency suggest that no matter how much a dentist or doctor might like a given medicine, in this case fluoride, they have no right to force it on an entire community, including those who don't want it and those who are particularly vulnerable to harm”.  

"Fluoride Should Be a Choice, Not a Mandate"

FAN is both honored and grateful to Ed Asner for taking the time out from his busy career to make this PSA for us.  Let's work together to spread Ed's message; please share far and wide!

News From Ireland

First, it is with great sadness that we report that the fluoride-free movement lost a great advocate in Ireland. On April 21, Robert Anthony Pocock of Dun Laoghaire passed away unexpectedly.   Mr. Pocock spent more than 20 years campaigning against water fluoridation, including most recently petitioning the European Union to follow their own regulations and pass an EU-wide ban of the practice. He was known for his extensive knowledge of fluoridation, his determination, and tireless pursuit of safe drinking water for Ireland’s children. He will be missed, and his family will remain in our thoughts and prayers. 

This week we learned that all nine members of the town council in Skibbereen, Ireland voted on April 4th to end fluoridation for the community. While the council doesn’t have the authority to prohibit the practice, their vote was meant to send a clear message to national officials, as well as every other local council in Ireland, which were all sent Skibbereen’s fluoridation motion and asked for their support. Their motion stated, in part:

“…that Skibbereen Town Council calls for the immediate cessation of the practice of fluoridation of the public water supply given that only 2% of Europe continues this practice – a number that is made up of the Republic of Ireland and a few cities in the UK. [The] benefits carry no weight when considered against the wide variety of major health concerns validated by countless volumes of research, studies and data to the contrary. The risks involved to public health by this mass medication of the population are proven, and are too great to continue to ignore.”

Also in Ireland, a group of school children has earned national attention for their creative campaign to end fluoridation. The Little Miss Fluoride Fighters are taking part in the national finals of the Youth Social Innovators competition (YSI) held in Dublin this week, and will be filmed by TV3, a national television network.   The group has drawn the attention of the national media as well as the YSI judges for their elaborate puppet show tour that they have presented at a number of schools throughout Ireland, educating staff and students about the dangers of fluoridation.   They have also come up with a very effective symbol that we hope is adopted by the entire worldwide fluoride-free movement. They call it the blue glove campaign: 

Portland Update

The ballots have been sent out to Portland voters, and in only 14 days we will know the results of the biggest fluoride-free campaign in the U.S. right now. A great deal has been happening, including a very bigfluoride-free rally last week, news of high levels of arsenic found in fluoridation chemicals expected to be used in Portland, and a crucial vote in OPPOSITION to fluoridation by the membership of the employees union of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). 

The motion by the Oregon DEQ employees union stated very clearly that, “AFSCME Local 3336 stands in opposition to the practice of fluoridating community drinking water systems”. While one would expect this to be big news, we couldn’t find a single newspaper that covered the story. This lack of coverage becomes less surprising when you consider that by the end of last week, just about every newspaper in the Portland area endorsed fluoridation. Objective reporting? We think not. 

The dental/chemical lobby is also downplaying the Oregon DEQ vote by claiming that not all DEQ employees were present at the vote and that only a small percentage are actual scientists or public health professionals. Clearly, if these same standards were applied to the pro-fluoride coalition (full membership vote and a high number of experts voting) they’re collection of endorsements would be at best meaningless since neither of these two “standards” were met by 90% of their coalition partners. In fact, we contend that if the American Dental Association or the Oregon Dental Association conducted an anonymous survey of their own members on fluoridation there would hardly be a consensus in support of the practice.

To learn more, please visit Clean Water Portland.

Please also "Like" Clean Water Portland on Facebook.  



Stuart Cooper 

Campaign Manager

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