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FAN's most ambitious and most important fundraiser ever!

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Dear Readers:

Yes, this is FAN's most ambitious and most important fundraiser ever. We need to raise $100,000 from 500 donors, let me explain why. Last year FAN took a huge gamble. We committed to spend a large fraction of Carole Patton's bequest to us on hiring two new staff members: a full-time campaign director and a part time science and health liaison officer. In order to sustain FAN we knew that over the next three years (now two) that we would have to raise enough money to replenish our accounts. We could not survive for more than three years on Carole's capital alone.

In terms of productivity our gamble has paid off handsomely. Because of FAN's direct and indirect efforts, we have seen over 30 communities in Canada, NZ and the U.S. stop fluoridation since October 2010-that's over 2.5 million people freed from forced fluoridation in the last thirteen months!

FAN has continued to show that the science is on our side on this issue. Throughout this year, FAN has worked tirelessly to respond to government agencies regarding fluoride or fluoridation, with painstakingly referenced scientific submissions to the EPA Office of Water and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regarding water fluoridation; California's Proposition 65 board on fluoride as a carcinogen; and to the EPA pesticide division's announced phase-out of sulfuryl fluoride, and Dow's counter-offensive. FAN has also responded to the dismal reports by Health Canada and SCHER on water fluoridation.

Meanwhile, our opponents have a huge bankroll at their disposal. The CDC maintains a staff of 30 to promote fluoridation (the Oral Health Division), and supports dental directors in each state that lobby legislators to keep this practice going. The ADA can raise $100 million a year, maintains a full-time lobbying staff in DC and helps to fund PR agencies and lobbyists in state capitals. To this we must now add the Pew Charitable Truststhat has thrown its hat into the ring on the side of fluoridation, and Delta Dental that provides some of the start-up money for communities to purchase the fluoridation equipment and chemicals for the first year or two of operation. Not to mention the tobacco tax money that is being siphoned-off to support fluoridation in California via First 5

However, despite its huge bankroll the fluoridation lobby is having a problem contending with the many citizens and scientists who now know the truth about the fluoridation fraud: it doesn't work, and it presents unnecessary health risks, including an increased risk of osteosarcoma in young men, and reduced IQ in millions of children. Beyond the science, more and more people are learning that it is a terrible mistake to use the public water supply to deliver medicine-a medicine that has never been regulated by the FDA, and that is not even pharmaceutical grade but is actually hazardous waste produced by the fertilizer industry!

The truth is on our side, but sadly far too many members of the public and local decision makers do not yet know this. By and large the media is still doing a very superficial job covering both sides of this issue. That is why we must continue working to get our message out and to educate both the public and the decision-makersith our upgraded website (www.FluorideAlert.org); with our bulletins; with our press releases; with public and media appearances by our spokespersons; with social media; with our videos; with the book (The Case Against Fluoride by Connett, Beck and Micklem); and with the Professionals' Statement calling for an end to fluoridation, now signed by nearly 4000 professionals (For new professionals please consider signing this statement).

But all of this takes money. Our goal for this year is $100,000 from 500 donors (by midnight, December 31). Considering our large support base, this is a very realistic target-one that would go a long way towards ensuring that FAN can continue with our efforts to finally bring an end to artificial water fluoridation.

In practical terms, ending fluoridation is as easy as turning off a tap at the public works. But turning off that tap takes political will. Sometimes that political will comes from enlightened leadership, but more often than not it requires many, many people becoming informed and getting organized. That's where FAN comes in, and that's where you come in. Please help our campaign continue to build upon the fantastic momentum of local victories we have seen since October 2010.


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Executive Director
Fluoride Action Network

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