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Johnny (Non-GMO) Apple Seed

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Dear Readers,

I was sitting in a bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts in March 2004, waiting to give a talk and book signing. A young woman approached me and said, “I heard you on Coast to Coast radio last September and it changed my life.” Her words struck a nerve in me that I’ve never forgotten. This was the first time I had gotten such feedback. In a simple, direct, and personal way, she confirmed that our work was having a profound impact. 

The stories have since multiplied—over and over and over again. Last week, for example, we were watching videotaped interviews taken at this year’s Holistic Moms Conference. One woman explained that since she attended our talk at the 2006 naturopath association meeting, she has removed all GMOs from her family’s diet. Other physicians who attended our talks at medical conferences through the years also have told us they too have changed their diets, AND the diets of thousands of their patients.


At a natural products expo, I interviewed a health food store owner whose passionate explanation of the health risks of GMOs was so detailed and articulate, it blew me away. “Where did you learn all this stuff?” I asked. It turns out he ordered our Institute’s Non-GMO Education Center for his store, and then watched all the videos and read all the books himself—twice!

As we marched and rallied against GMOs this year in New York, New Jersey, Denver, and LA, so many people thanked us for IRT’s work, and mentioned that it was our pamphlets, or websites, or presentations, or newsletters, that had first alerted them to the issue and sparked their commitment. 

The non-GMO seeds that our Institute plants continue to sprout, even years later, throughout the world. It’s humbling, it’s powerful, and it’s quite real. With your help, we are reaching tens of millions and helping to create a non-GMO future.

Thank you for being part of this world-changing team.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue our work in 2012—and will give a whole new meaning to the term “seed money.”

Best wishes for a very healthy New Year,


Jeffrey and the IRT crew


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