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Monsanto Pulls GM Corn Amid Serious Food Safety Concerns

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Posted by: Dr. Mercola
November 16 2009

For the first time, a GM multinational has pulled two GM corn varieties from the regulatory and assessment process at the last minute. Monsanto has abandoned its ambitious plans for a so-called "second generation GM crop" rather than accede to a request from European regulators for additional research and safety data.

Monsanto has informed regulators that it no longer wishes to pursue its application for approval of GM maize LY038 and the stacked variety LY038 x MON810. The company also requested the return of all dossier material, making it impossible for any future independent researchers to analyze the data.

Some scientists who have followed these two applications believe that the decisions had more to do with food safety than with commercial considerations. In other words, the varieties may have been too dangerous to be allowed onto the open market.


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