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Advocates Back NTP Fluoride Review, Citing Risk To Developing Brain

JANUARY 27, 2016     As the Fluoride Action Network reported back in December, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) is planning on conducting an extensive study to investigate

Tips for Healthy Living, Brought to You by Monsanto

  ESSAY OF THE WEEK Seeds of Revolution Dr. Vandana Shiva’s work around seed sovereignty and organic agriculture is perhaps best known in India. But she influences and ...
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Telemundo Airs Fluoridation TV Series

  JANUARY 14, 2016   Telemundo Airs Fluoridation TV Series Towards the end of December, the Telemundo television network aired a three-part news report on water fluoridation on its ...
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Who Will Sell Out Vermont's GMO Labeling Law? - newsletter 010716 from Organic Consumers Association

BLOG POST OF THE WEEK ENOUGH Already We’ve all grown accustomed to the steady parade of television ads—$3 billion year worth, by some estimates—urging us to “ask our ...
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FAN's 2015 Fundraiser Totals

JANUARY 2, 2016   First a very happy and successful new year to all of you on all your endeavors, but especially your efforts to get ...
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Clones and GE Foods head to the Dinner Table

By Martha Rosenberg Consumers, safety activists, Big Food, biotech companies and many of the US’s importing and exporting partners have been closely watching to see if ...
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Some of FAN's Achievements and Victories in 2015

DECEMBER 31, 2015   We would like to thank all those who yesterday made this one of the best days of our fundraising campaign. Including ...
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Just two days left to support our 2016 campaign!

DECEMBER 30, 2015   Thank you to everyone who has donated to FAN’s budget for 2016. We encourage those who haven’t contributed to consider a donation, however ...
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Our Plans for 2016 - Fluoridealert.org

DECEMBER 28, 2015   As of today the Fluoride Action Network has raised a total of $95,810 from 406 donors. Are we confronting an impossible task of raising over ...
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FAN Releases New PSAs and Online Campaign

DECEMBER 29, 2015   FAN's current fundraising total stands at $98,428 from a total of 430 donors. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! These funds are critical ...
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