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Join in FAN's "12-days of Christmas" Competition

DECEMBER 19, 2015   Yesterday we had a FANTASTIC fundraising day.  The best so far. We received $15,405 from 29 supporters.  We got off to a great start with the

Protecting Your Family from Fluoride

DECEMBER 18, 2015   In today’s bulletin FAN’s campaign manager Stuart Cooper has prepared a summary of all the information on our website which is aimed at ...
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"The Hanukkah Miracle" (FAN exclusive)

DECEMBER 17, 2015   Before we get to some exciting information from Israel here is an update on our fundraiser.   Yesterday, we received 11 donations totaling $505. ...
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Kyle's Story, Part 3: What's wrong with that turkey?

DECEMBER 16, 2015   A quick update on our fundraiser before we get to part 3 of Kyle's Story, a mother's account of her son's sensitivity to ...
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Kyle's Story, Part 2: Showers that hurt

DECEMBER 15, 2015   Before we get to part 2 of Audrey’s story about her son Kyle’s sensitivity to fluoridehere is a quick update on our fundraiser. Yesterday, we ...
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Kyle's Story: A Mother's Letter to FAN Members

DECEMBER 14, 2015     Before we get to the moving letter from Audrey Adams from Washington state about her son Kyle, who according to fluoridation promoters does not exist ...
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New Fluoride/Brain Study Could End Fluoridation

DECEMBER 11, 2015   Details of progress on this year's  fundraiser for the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) along with pledge and premium details appear below after Michael Connett's review ...
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Are You Consuming These Livestock Drugs Without Knowing It?

Are You Consuming These Livestock Drugs Without Knowing It? Most people couldn’t name one animal drug used to produce their food. Yet conventionally produced US meat ...
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Still deadly - newsletter 121315 -Organic Consumers Association

  TOP NEWS OF THE WEEK Deadline Drama Another year. Another federal budget deal. And In typical fashion, Congress can’t get its act together. The House voted on Friday on a ...
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FAN Competition: Millions Could Read Your Message

DECEMBER 12, 2015   Interact with FAN This afternoon (December 12) at 5pm (EST), the entire Fluoride Action Network team will be featured on this month’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference(IFFT). The ...
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