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Coca Cola flavor drops

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By David Liu,  PHD

Sunday Sept 9, 2012 (foodconsumer.org) -- Flavored water is gaining its popularity.  But water carries lots of weight.  Coca Cola and other companies like Kraft Food want to sell just flavor enhancers, but not water.   Coca Cola flavor drops by the world largest beverage company will be made available in a couple of weeks  or officially beginning on Oct 1, according to media reports and Dasani.com.

The media reports that Coca Cola hopes consumers will use Coco Cola flavor drops with Dasani bottled water. That is probably why the company named the flavor drops as Dasani drops flavor enhancers.  There are four types of fruity flavors available, that is, Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut and Mixed Berry , according to Dasani.com.

Coca Cola flavor drops should be easy to use.  Food consumers may use more or less in a drink, depending on their appreciation of taste  intensity.  But the flavor drops are not cheap.  One pack will be sold for $4.00 or so.   Considering one pack can be used for multiple  bottles of water (literally it can be used for 32 servings, OMG), and from grocery stores, just one bottle of flavored water can be sold for a price as high as $2.00, the price for the flavor drops may not be too terrible for some consumers to say the least.

Although Coca Cola flavor drops seem to be a good idea, one ingredient which makes it possible for the products to have zero calorie may not be so desirable. That is, the sweetener is artificial, according to media reports.   The safety profile of the ingredient is not completely clear to many consumers who would think that the ingredient is not safe to use.   What is clear is the after-taste of the artificial sweetener, which many consumers dislike.

Kraft Food has already put out a similar product called Mio in the market.  Coco Cola flavor drops seem to be a copycat of Mio in a sense.

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