Beta-carotene may protect against ER- breast cancer

A case-control study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that eating foods high in carotene, particularly beta carotene, may lower risk of estrogen

Hitting the Sweet Spot in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans released in February 2016 are the latest edition of “what Americans should eat” based on a review of the most current research on food and health. They serve as a blueprint for designing government sponsored feeding programs and individual diet plans. The recommendation to limit added sugars to no more than 10 percent of total calories requires mathematical management of the diet not possible for most Americans. Recommending the use of Food and Drug Administration approved no- and low-calorie sweeteners as a replacement for some added sugars in the diet could help make this goal attainable and more palatable.
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Panel Recommends Booster Shot for Meningitis

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices advised that teenagers 16 and older should receive a booster vaccine for meningococcal meningitis.The current vaccine does not offer
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Surgical Mishaps Still a Problem

According to a recent study by the Joint Commission, hospital errors pertaining to wrong patient and wrong site surgeries are still a problem, even 6
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Trans fat but not saturated fat may cause heart disease, diabetes mellitus

Thursday June 25, 2015 ( -- Abbi Lane-Cordova from University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, United States and colleagues published a study in The
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Healthy Recipes:Crusted Cod with Hot Paprika

from the American Institute for Cancer Research Add some healthy zest to your menu with this unique fish dish. The spicy crispy crust offers a nice
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Jenn Sterger moves on after Brett Favre scandal

by Aimee Keenan-GreeneFormer New York Jets game hostess Jenn Sterger is making news again, heating up the airwaves on ABC's Nightline and Good Morning America,  and sparking a hot Google
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Selling Fear, for Profit - newsletter 060216 from Organic Consumers Association

   BLOG POST OF THE WEEK Six Questions Monsanto may not be the largest company in the world. Or the worst. But the St. Louis, Mo. biotech giant
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5 Disturbing Facts Big Food Doesn't Want You to Know

Martha Rosenberg From mercury in tuna and wood pulp in parmesan cheese to ground beef treated with ammonia to retard E. coli (“pink slime”), the press
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