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Louis Gossett diagnosed with prostate cancer


Louis Gossett Jr, an actor who is best known for his Oscar-winning role as the tough drill instructor in "An Officer and a Gentleman," released a statement on Tuesday saying he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Mr. Gossett, 73, was cited by media reports as saying that his prostate cancer was in its early stage and that he made his cancer known to the public because he'd like African-Americans to seek early examinations and treatment for the disease.

A man at the age of 70 years or older is not advised to take the regular screening for prostate cancer because chances are good that the patient is more likely to die from something else than prostate cancer which in most cases grows slowly and it may not affect an old man's life.  Diagnosis and treatment of an early stage or non-aggressive prostate cancer may do more harm than good to the old patient. 

The award-winning actor said he had already initiated an intensive treatment program so that he can continue his work with Eracism Foundation as scheduled.

502px_Louis_Gossett_Jr_LF_kiwi_485673634.jpgGossett was said to have worked for the foundation to raise awareness of issues such as racism, ignorance and social apathy.

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in more than 175,000 men each year in the United States and the disease kills about 35,000 annually in the country, according to the National Cancer Institute.

The disease is largely preventable and many studies on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease have been reported on foodconsumer.org.

For food consumers, the important thing they need to know probably is that diet plays an essential role in the development of prostate cancer.  Much research has been done on how foods could affect the risk of the disease. 

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