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Easter is on Sunday and learn how to boil eggs

Just a reminder that the Easter for 2010 is on Sunday April 4.  Many of you who find this page may be interested in knowing how to boil eggs.  I hope you will appreciate what you learn from here.  If  you are seeking ways to dye Easter eggs, please check out other sites.

Here are some tips you can use to boil eggs so that the eggs can actually be consumed after the Easter is over.  Be careful that eggs can be over cooked easily and the egg protein can be hardened by prolonged boiling particularly at high heat.  In addition, you need to do something after you boil eggs so that the shell/membrane of the shell can be easily removed.

Here is how:

Place eggs in cold water. Please do not use hot water. Make sure water covers all eggs completely if possible.

Use low heat to boil eggs for about 15 minutes.  When you use low heat, 15 minutes will be sufficient. But if you use high heat, outer egg protein may be "scorched" while the inner egg content egg yolk may be still cold.

You need to exercise some patience. Many people use high heat to boil eggs because they want to speed up the boiling process.  The potential problem is that high heat may over cook eggs. Over cooked eggs have hardened texture and may taste bitter. So use low heat to slowly boil eggs, which will be nice and tender because not much of moisture from the eggs will be lost when you cook eggs this way.

After you complete boiling of your eggs, make sure to place them immediately in a large amount of cold tap water to cool down the eggs quickly. This will make it easier for you to separate the membrane attached to the shell from the cooked egg when you want to eat an egg.  The membrane can be consumed if it cannot be removed from the eggs.