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Walking helps reduce stroke risk

A new study suggests that women who walk a couple of hours or more per week or  walk at a brisk pace can dramatically reduce their risk of suffering a stroke.

The study of 39,315 female health professionals aged 54 on average found women who walked at the speed of 3 miles per hour or faster were 37% less likely to suffer any type of stroke.  And women who walked 2 or more hours per week were 30 percent less likely to suffer any type of stroke.

This is not a trial and researchers merely associated exercising habits with the risk of stroke. The cause for reduced risk of stroke could be something else like healthy diet.  Those who exercised a lot were more likely to follow a healthy diet.

Jacob R. Sattelmair, MSc, of the Harvard School of Public Health says in a statement that physical activity like regular walking is essential to promoting cardiovascular health and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease like heart disease and stroke

The findings are consistent with previous studies.